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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by johnboy37, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. johnboy37

    johnboy37 New Member

    Time to invest in a decent chaser.
    metabo is meant to be good but i've never seen a bad makita tool.
    Which one? only £5 difference in price on here
    but should get £50 off with this autumn saver promo.
    Any for and againts for these chasers, thanks in advance.
  2. tallow nob

    tallow nob New Member

    I still use Metabo because the build quality WAS legendary however..... I gotta say their clobber has definitely slipped and is no where near as good.
    I put this to my Metabo dealer and he agreed saying it's the only way they can compete in such an aggresive market.

    I've got some outstanding Hilti tooling which I'd probably rate over Metabo now.

    Dunno about Makita - never heard anything bad about their bits and I still see some old bits being used out there - still perfectly servicable toys.

    I'd be inclined to give the Makita a whirl if there's only a fiver in it.

    Tough call.

  3. Johnboy
    Been using the makita chaser with the hoover for some time.
    Brilliant bit of kit
  4. sinewave

    sinewave Screwfix Select

    If you can't afford the best stuff on the market (HILTI) then Makita gear is the next best option.

    All my gear is Makita, cause I can't afford/justify buying Hilti! ;)
  5. tallow nob

    tallow nob New Member

    Looks like Makita then............

  6. markysparky

    markysparky New Member

    Remember to take into account the 3 year warranty with the metabo's one year. Which probably makes it the better buy.

    I have the metabo and it is an excellent piece of kit. I hear stories about blades jamming and dust problems etc with the cheaper chasers. No such problem with the metabo.

    Don't even consider the hilti. As good as they are their chaser only cuts widths to 21mm compared to 30mm with the makita and metabo, probably cost twice as much too.

    Metabo would get my vote. :)
  7. markysparky

    markysparky New Member

    Remember to take into account the 3 year warranty
    with the metabo's one year.

    What I meant was the metabo's 3 year warranty to the makita's 1 year warranty!!

    Edit facility please :(
  8. tallow nob

    tallow nob New Member

    3 years against one..... 5 quid?

    tough call..

  9. Jay_wannabe_sparky

    Jay_wannabe_sparky New Member

    Hi y'all

    I would say each make is as good as each other. Some products are better than others.

    Metabo's build quality has dropped, but so has Makita's.

    I looked at the makita chaser and in the end bought the Metabo - the warrantly plays a big part.

    I've given it some abuse: long horizontal chases where it has been running for ages, lots of short bursts on and off. I've cut through RSJs and lintels (oops). Its still going strong.

    I wouldn't say the design of the metabo is brill - I'd suggest a few tweaks to the handle and dust extraction - but apart from that its a good bit of kit.


    ps - Although the chaser seems fine, my 4Kg Metabo drill has been in for repair twice, the gearbox currently gets so hot (after a lot of abuse) that the grease is leaking when it liquifies. My mates 1100W metabo has also been in for repair once (pneumatic hammer failure), and another mates 24V metabo circular saw has been in for repair.
  10. johnboy37

    johnboy37 New Member

    Thanks very much especially for info about warranty.
    Still not sure . head says metabo , heart says makita....
    eeny meny miny mo.

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