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    Hi everyone, I'm after some advice on the safety of my socket please. I've had a metal faced double socket moved from the skirting board into the wall. The metal backbox was replaced. The sockets were left in the skirting boards years ago when the house was rewired. The wall has now been replastered, etc and it was found that the socket had been screwed into expanding foam and no extra earth cable. Is this against any regulations as if so is I will need other sockets which were added? Thanks for reading.
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    The earth that connects to the back of the socket should also earth the metal faceplate. Which one do you think is missing?
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    Thanks for your quick response. There is no bonding but there is a lug. I've read this is best practice but also the normal screws are enough but as his other work is dubious, I just want to make sure I'm safe. Thanks
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    Can you post a picture of the socket wiring in question so we can advise better..
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    These [​IMG] are not the best, but in general if it passes your unlikely to have a problem. If you want more than that then time for an EICR (electrical installation condition report) but not a good time as new law means loads being done at the moment.

    P.S. the one posted has a loop test which does a reasonable test of earth.
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