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Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Theleman, Nov 12, 2018.

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    Agree, its all out there.
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    Great advice and info. Thank you.

    Recently, haven't seen good deals on eBay locally. They are mostly commercial sellers. Market seem changed.

    I could not see any building site either locally. No new houses are being built anymore.

    But will keep on looking with patience.

    Meanwhile I must clear the corner of the back garden, and try to get level.
    Now, the area is full of plants, leaves, cut branches from trees and hedges. A lot of elbow grease is required for the clearing job.
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    Great savings. Thank you for info.

    But I am now working the ground making it flat and solid for the base.

    Dug out a few old bulky plants in the corner, where new shed will go in.
    The dug out plants were moved and planted into front garden.

    Then dug about 10cm of soil.

    What would be best way to make shed base? I was thinking of putting Type 1, flatten it, then sharp sand, flatten it, and then slabs (2x2ft) and level it.

    But I see a lot of plastic base material for sale. It looks like these new plastic materials will not need slabs, but just gravels in and around the mesh.

    What would be the best way to make shed base?

    For shed decision, I think we will need more time to decide, but it looks like we are likely to go for wooden shed again. Will decide it when after the base is complete.

    The old wooden shed will be left as is, because it is quite large and still holds a lot of stuff in it. Might just get some panels and timbre to seal and secure later on.

    New sheds will go into new spot in the garden = corner where large shrubs were.
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    ProBase Plastic Shed Base Foundation

    Would these plastic kit base be better option to traditional slab base?

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