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  1. Nettie

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    Hi. Going through the purchase of a property for my (disabled) daughter. Opened the external electrical emclosure and have become concerned. There is no back to the enclosure and it opens directly into the kitchen, the meter equipment etc is attatched directly to the rear of a kitchen cabinet. The consumer unit (Wylex) is separate behind another unit partially hidden behind the unit and i think the old control box for underfloor heating is below (althouh not used) switched to off.
    My concern is that at some stage my daughter will need to modernise the kitchen to suit her needs. This will almost certainly mean removing the cabinets leaving me to wonder just what will happen to the incoming supply ie who will be responsible for relocating. Any guidence or suggestions on who to contact would be helpfull. The seller is not offering much help.
  2. Peterdevon

    Peterdevon Active Member

    As for a EICR from the seller that should sort it out
  3. Allsorts

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    Blimey! Must be draughty too?

    Could we have a photo, please - keep it under 22MP - and I'm sure folks on here can advise better.
  4. Nettie

    Nettie New Member

    1912 012.JPG 1912 013.JPG Hi again. Couple of photos. The Meter etc is attatched to back of unit. The consumer unit and underfloor control is positioned to the left about 80cm. Your advice will be much appreciated.
  5. b4xtr

    b4xtr Active Member

    bludy hell ! is that legal ?
  6. candoabitofmoststuff

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    If you have described that correctly, "the meter equipment etc is attatched directly to the rear of a kitchen cabinet.", (and it looks like you have), I find that astonishing!! Who on earth would fit the incoming feed directly to a cabinet? Surely not a pro!

    If it we're me IdI not be considering this property any more... What on earth is the rest of the electrical installation like!!

    Good luck.


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