Metric is an Imperial Nightmare - No Standard in sheet sizes FML

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    At least i wont be breaking the height regulation o_O


    I read a regulation where it says the outbuilding has to 2m from the house to :( its not its about 1m, i considered not using the osb on the studwork i just thought it would add more strength

    Y Fruittbun that sounds like a welsh name, im from Wales to :)
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    Two completely different things. The 1m applies to Building regs. Under that and the building has to be substantially non-combustible. The 2m rule is to do with permitted development. If over 2m you can go up to 4m ridge as permitted devlopment without PP. Under 2m from curtilage and you have to either stay under 2.5m or go for planning permission, hence I don't think you have any choice if you want to do it properly but to apply for PP. You could try and stay under 2.5m, but that's really low and really means a flat/pent roof.

    It does and is a good idea. Try and make it all BR exempt and you can use whatever materials you like. Otherwise, you need to put in a separate BR application. Note Planning and Building Control (BR) totally separate departments - although they generally talk to each other!
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    If i go for the PP with what i have planned are they likely to say no? I really should have considered all this before but i thought it was ok. ignorance is no excuse i know. I know its just an opinion you can give, i really would love to keep it the size and location it is. to have dry place to fix the car and do other projects is my idea of heaven. waiting 8 weeks though that really sucks.
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    I have honestly no idea. You would be better posting a location plan etc. on the planning forum I linked to earlier and getting some advice specifically from planning "experts". Also, depending on how amenable your local authority is, you may be able to just have a chat and get some guidance.

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