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    Novice but particulate diyer aptemping a small kitchen tiling job with Metro tiles, but looking for starting advice please.

    I have posted pictures, but essentially it’s a small splash back, the issue is there is already a section been tiled above the cooker, pre having new work tops with a small (10cm) high splash back, so my questions are -

    Would you start following the line of the already tiled section (circa 3/4 tile)? Or would it be best to re-tile everything (including above cooler) starting on a full tile on the splash back (as per the tile I have left there in a different colour)

    The only issue I can foresee starting a fresh with a new tile would be there’s only probably room for about an inch of a new tile before it hits the top of the window ledge so not sure if it would look right?

    Also any tips on edging would be appreciated, going for chrome, but not sure what would go best taking into account the bevel edge? Straight/round/L?

    Planning on tiling upto the bottom of wall units, and base of window ledge where there is currently white tiles, and leaving the inside of windows, do you think this would look right?

    Apologies for the lengthy post... Any advice greatfully received.



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    Hi there
    No reason you cant leave the tiles behind the cooker but you will have to cut your 1st row under the window
    to get the grout lines.. 8mm chrome trim.

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