MHRV on 1st floor only, has anyone done it before?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by ProTofik, Oct 15, 2021.

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    I have recently moved from a house that was built in 2009 and had MHVR fitted since new to a house that was built in 1990 and doesn't have any form of ventilation other than extractor fan in the shower room that doesn't seem to be very efficient at what it's meant to do anyway.

    Few months in, I genuinely miss MHRV. Right now I need to open all windows 2-3 times a day to get some fresh air in and drop down humidity to 60%, it rarely gets lower than that. My previous house rarely got above 55% and was usually at around 45-50%. As it got colder in the past few days, I started getting a lot of condensation on bedrooms' windows in the morning, something I have never experienced in my old house except that one time I switched MHRV off and forgot about it. I don't have any damp or mould issue, but I miss 'the freshness' of my previous house. I also miss not having to open windows for months in winter which is just a huge waste of gas/oil.

    Anyway, I was looking up few solutions to this problem. The easiest one seems to be to get PIV installed in the hall above stairs. The better solution is to get MHRV installed, however as I'm almost done renovating the house, I can't get pipework down to the ground floor any more without making a huge mess once again.

    Would it make sense to install MHRV in the loft and do vents on 1st floor only? That would be 5 vents. 1 extractor in the bathroom, 3 inputs in bedrooms, and 1 input above the stairs.

    What do you think?

    Edit: If majority supports this idea, what unit would you recommend for a 3-bed semi that has a total area (ground floor + 1st floor) of about 100m2?
  2. ProTofik

    ProTofik New Member

    Actually, thinking about it over the past hour I realised I can get pipework into the kitchen, living room, and downstairs hall quite easily without making any mess, opening walls, floors, or cutting across joists. The only place I can't get to is downstairs toilet, which is under the stairs but I can live with that.

    I guess my question now is, what unit should I buy for 100m2 3-bed house, where I expect to install 2 exhausts (shower, kitchen) and 5 inputs (downstairs hall, living room, and 3 bedrooms).

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