Mice coming/going in gap between skirting and carpet of upstairs bedroom

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    Hi folks, I would just like your help on how to prevent mice going in the gap beneath skirting. I am posting pics below.

    I've heard mice going there for quite a few years now but we've always been able to get rid of the mice, at least temporarily before they come back again. I hear scratching there and then hear them run along behind that wall somewhere.

    We had large cracks in the front wall due to subsidence and so moved everything out of the room to get them repaired last week. We saw that there are a couple of holes in the carpet along the edge which are obviously created by mice, so thought we might get carpet changed or those holes sealed as they will be covered again by the wardrobe anyway.
    We repapered the walls and painted them as well the skirtings.

    We asked the carpenter who fitted a wardrobe in the room below to take a look if he could seal as per the above. He pulled carpet back and only then we realised that there was a gap all along the edge, quite wide on that side exterior facing wall. He said that he had never seen it before like that and that it was probably caused by the floor shrinking or something.

    He said if we hadn't have just repainted/papered then he could have easily moved the skirting down to block the gap. He said otherwise, we could have some beading but he recommended we just leave it and said he couldn't feel draughts or smell mice.

    From my research, I gather it is usual to have a gap in homes that aren't modern or have wood flooring. I think there has always been carpet here.
    I'm not too bothered about draughts, although I can now feel a slight draught today at the gap as it is cold and windy.

    I do want to prevent access to mice as much as possible before I put all the furniture back. Are there any downsides to sealing it? How would I go about sealing it, the carpenter said that expanding foam and the sort would just fall into the gap so he couldn't do that.

    As an aside, that gap may be the reason why I can clearly hear conversations from the downstairs room.

    You can see two carpet holes along the skirting of side exterior pink wall, one on corner at left and one 8 inches to the right.

    Can see that wood has also been chewed underneath carpet at those same spots.
    Can see brick work. Is it supposed to be like that.

    The below is the same pink wall, but can see that some planks go a lot closer to the wall so gap isn't as big.

    The below carpet on the other side of the blue wall which is also on the exterior (front) is tucked in.

    The wooden planks go all the way underneath the skirting here, and carpet also tucks in to make a snug fitting on top.

    Below is how the interior wall is that is joining the above.

    And I realise now that there is a hole in the carpet here as well on the internal blue wall, at front of pic.

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