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Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by PeteB, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. PeteB

    PeteB New Member

    Hi, I bought a Ferm 150T Mig welder a couple of years back which I’ve only just got round to using and am having trouble with. Unfortunately I misplaced the manual so I’m a bit unsure on setup and settings. It has the rotary wire speed setting, a min/max switch, and a 1 / 2 switch. One of the switches seems to adjust the wire speed to a slower or faster ratio which can then be fine tuned with the rotary speed setting. Does the other one give 2 different powers to weld on ??? I’m a complete novice only interested in welding car body’s (seam welding, etc, on my rally car) so any advice on what settings to start with would be great. Cheers.
  2. Hitch.

    Hitch. New Member

    I would imagine Pete that the 1/2 switch is a large power step, and the Min/Max is a smaller step for each, effectively giving you 4 power settings....
    The wire speed needs adjusting to suit the power settings, generally slower wire for lower settings.

    For a bit of bodywork id guess youd have it 1/Min and the wire speed as neccessary. Cant help much more as im not familiar with that machine!

    Hope that helps Pete!
  3. iprwolf

    iprwolf Member

    As your a novice to welding, and as a rule most welder settings differ,although supposed to be the same,Get yourself a piece of repair plate from a car repair shop, about £1.50. Cut into 1" strips with tin snips and play with the settings and speeds and find one that suits you.
    Every welder prefers different settings but you will mainly be spot welding so edge 2 strips clamp and try.If you think that you are going to put a run of weld down on cars your wrong, you just build it up with one spot half on another and keep moving along that way. always have your welding torch pointing into the weld, about 10 mm of the metal and get used to arcing up. If you know some one with a speed glass mask that will make life a doddle.
    Good luck !!!!
  4. nigel

    nigel Guest

    Hitachimad comments are correct for power, start at lowest setting and work up to get correct setting . If you 'blow' hole in work then its set to high.If wire keeps snapping sweed too high for power setting.When working on car body be aware heat generated will turn interanal bodywork into a giant cigarette lighter so remove flammables before starting.Practice makes perfect.
  5. kevinkkk8

    kevinkkk8 New Member

    Your welder probably has 2T/4T switches like the Weldpro MIG machine here at this source. Nobody can tell you the exact settings you'll need to make it work.

    Now, there is the wire speed, amperage, solid wire material you'll need to weld a certain material of specific thickness. Like iprwolf said, I'd suggest get a spare metal sheet and try out different welder settings until you get a grasp of it.
  6. AnotherTopJob

    AnotherTopJob Screwfix Select

    I think after nearly 16 years the OP has probably got the hang of it, or given up!
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  7. kevinkkk8

    kevinkkk8 New Member

    Lmao, man it's really been that long. I didn't notice the date. The post just came up xD

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