Milano rad into stud wall

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Not-a-Decor8r, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Not-a-Decor8r

    Not-a-Decor8r Member


    Got a kitchen rad that I'm replacing the rad on.

    Rad is a Milano that has brackets and then some m4.5 coach screws (big things).

    I didn't have any fixings for the big bolts so started with standard rawls with some normal screws, seemed to work ok, but I went to adjust the rad when putting piping in and the rawls have gone belly up.

    So....I've now got 8 holes (two screws per bracket) in the PB (in pic)


    Are there any fixing solutions on market I can put in that will sort this out as my head is completely gone on it.

    Seen the gripits but not sure about whether I should be using the bolts provided tbh.
  2. Not-a-Decor8r

    Not-a-Decor8r Member

    Think after some research I'll go with Gripit Brown, they come with bolts too!
  3. kiaora

    kiaora Well-Known Member

    One solution to this type of problem is to find the timber studwork, and fix some ply board, the size of the radiator.
    You then have a good fixing for the brackets using normal screws,

    Obviously you need to paint the board, or fit a bit of shower board,

    Good luck
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  4. Not-a-Decor8r

    Not-a-Decor8r Member

    There isn't any as this is about a sqM area, stud partitions are metal and sit either side of the minor alcove here.

    Lets see how gripits go.
  5. The Teach

    The Teach Well-Known Member

    Can the milano :( radiator be fitted 100mm or similar higher ? just to avoid the weakened plasterboard area. OR you may get away with m8 toggler cavity fixings through the top holes only just use 4 fixings.

    Your purchased (v budget) item is sold all around the world where unlicensed persons are allowed to install them.Have seen them european:mad: fixing kits before the supplied fixing kit is not much use on your wall so throw it away,some of the milano rad's are over heavy :( for a reason.

    have used toggler M8 for hanging heavy radiators etc but always wary when fitting heavy radiators or ladder style towel warmers on drywall when children may use them as a climb frame.

    so many options to consider :) Once its fitted on the wall,give it a tug :)rolleyes:) and see if the wall fixings pull out easily.

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  6. Not-a-Decor8r

    Not-a-Decor8r Member

    Just about got away with using blue gripits and making the 25mm hole required in between original holes made.

    Only issue is its exposed at the top a bit so will try and paint over it.
  7. Heat

    Heat Well-Known Member

    Only as strong as the plasterboard, - so I wouldn’t use them.
    Look at it this way, - Do you reckon you could pull that radiator off the wall by yourself if you really had to? I bet you could easily
  8. Not-a-Decor8r

    Not-a-Decor8r Member

    Blue ones rated to 100 odd kg....rad weighs about 10kg....Its on the way at the moment....not expecting to sit on it?
  9. Heat

    Heat Well-Known Member

    Rad would be much heavier once it is filled with water.
    Just because the fixings are supposed to be rated to hold 100kg vertical load, doesn’t mean they will hold outward pull.
    I always think of worse case scenario - like a child pulling on or climbing on a rad, or an adult using a rad to hold onto.
    I had to refit a rad (original work wasn’t by me) that had been fitted using toggles and the homeowners son had ripped it off wall, damaging pipes caused by a mental health episode.
  10. kiaora

    kiaora Well-Known Member

    I would recommend fixing a shower board to the metal vertical stud work.

    Then fitting the radiator.
    Your comment of “see how it goes” is cause for concern!

    Lecture over,
    Good luck

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