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  1. Dan E.

    Dan E. New Member

    Does anyone know of a website that details all the minimum distances required in kitchens, ie, from sink to nearest socket, hob to underside of cooker hood, between hob and sink, etc?
  2. blueassedfly!

    blueassedfly! New Member

    HOB to underside of hood
    650mm elec 750mm gas (check manual as some may differ)

    sink to nearest socket as far as is reasonable with the space you have (some say arms length but not always doable)

    hob to sink min 400 personally( not sure if theres a reg for that as you get those all in one jobbies for bedsits and such) HTH :)
  3. There are no regs governing what you are asking.

    With regards to hob to hood and other clearances around the hob, the rule is read the manufacturer's instructions.

    With regards to sockets and hobs and sinks, there is no guidane in BS7671, but sparkies generally work to 300mm
  4. zed1000

    zed1000 New Member

    The sparks i've used all say 300mm from sink to socket. As kitchen fitter says always follow manufacturers instructions for hobs but if they are not available i usually go 700mm to underside of a chimney hood as thats the size of the average splashback.
  5. flatpackjack

    flatpackjack New Member

    sorry to disagree, but if you pay a visit to one of the major high street kitchen retailers & find a c&g qualified kitchen designer you will find there are certain safetey regs, mainly hob distance to extractor,
    This will also depend weather gas or electric.
  6. FPJ, I would be interested in your "certain safety regs".

    There is nothing specified in BS7671 (electrics)in regard to socket or appliance positioning.

    Even if there were then any maunfacturers instructions would superced these in order to maintain any guarantee offered.

    If you have links to safty regs please post them as I'm sure there would be a lot of interest.
  7. Also interested in what C&G qualification is available for kitchen design, any links?
  8. zed1000

    zed1000 New Member

    Don't think any of my installs have been designed by someone with a c&g qualification in kitchen planning, most of them seem to struggle to read a tape measure! Would have finished with a smiley face but don't know how.
  9. Joelp1

    Joelp1 New Member

    the smiley you want is this : ^ O without spaces :^O

    I thought the 750mm height was in the gas regs?
  10. blueassedfly!

    blueassedfly! New Member

    for most distances the manufactures installation methods will superceed regs so just read the manuals fellas!

    as for C&G designers would have thought thats near impossible as C&G dont even recognise kitchen fitting as a stand alone trade! just come under carpentry! :)
  11. zed1000

    zed1000 New Member

    Cheers Jo, :^O
  12. steve thomas

    steve thomas New Member

    hi, 'the kitchen fitter' my first time on this forum, the minimum distance for hood above hob is as you said 650mm for an electric hob, but it is 760mm above a gas hob unless manufacturers instructions over ride this.You can find this min distance in the corgi handbook for cookers and ranges.
    As you said also the minimum distance for electrics is not in the BS7671 regarding sinks and hobs if you look in the 'On Site Guide' there is a recommended minimum distance of 300mm from a hob or any part of a sink, and a minimum of 150mm above the worktop. These are known as best practices regarding the building reg's.

    cheers for now steve

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