Minimum thickness of adhesive???

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by CosRush, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. CosRush

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    What determines the thickness I can use for ceramic floor tiles going onto a concrete floor?

    The floor was tiled with thin vinyl tiles and having removed these the floor surface is good.

    The vinyl tiles however were stuck down with a a very thin layer of adhesive (probably on a couple of MM) but they had bonded well.

    Is there a general rule i.e. 10mm for floor tiles, or could I get away with 8mm or even 6mm???

    BONNYTILER New Member

    hi there

    your minimum thickness for floor tiling is 10mm usually,i personally prefer 12.5 mm,using a U shaped trowel for maximum coverage on the back of the floor tile,up to 15mm on floors that are a bit uneven etc,screwfix do a ragni floor trowel 15mmx20mm its a good bit of kit,although eats the adhesive!!!!
    wall tiling i usually use a 6 mm trowel depending on the material being used,porcelain i use a 10 mm trowel nothing less !!!
    every situations different and its personal preference,but i would say the choices i have given you are a good bencmark that any good tiler would use.....!!!!
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    Thanks for the reply.

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