Mira sport - shower head adjust angle

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by mozart, Feb 13, 2018.

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    One infers from the Screwfix page that the shower head is adjustable as it shows an arc of movement. Do you have to loosen the clamp to adjust the angle as well? Have seen that on other units.
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  3. mozart

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    Thanks for your reply. Loosening the clamp only seems to allow for up and down movement. I've tried pulling and pushing as well but to no avail. I've also looked through the instruction manual too but not mention of how to adjust the angle.
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    I’ve got no personal experience of this shower but as you know, shower rails ‘usually’ allow up and down as well as side to side adjustment of the shower head - why would this one not ?

    Did you have to assemble the riser yourself including the clamp and fixing brackets top and bottom - often all the pieces come separate

    Can’t see much on SF pictures but googled shower and looks like a chrome lever on side of clamp ?

    Has urs got this and doesn’t this allow movement in both planes before nipping up ?
  5. mozart

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    Thanks for your reply. I know! It seems really weird. The plumber installed it- it all came separately. So the chrome lever moves up or down against a spring which reduces the friction on the riser and allows for up and down movement. However, moving it in either direction doesn't release the rotational part of the assembly to allow for the angle to be adjusted. I've got the replacement one here that mira sent (not attached it to the rail yet) and it's exactly the same......unless I'm missing something really obvious......
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    I've got a Mira rail & head thats virtualy identical - the angle of the head is adjusted by tilting the head, no knobs or levers & just relies on a friction fit between the two halves of the head clamp bracket.

    There should be a screw inside the clamp bracket where the hose end / head is supported (you may have to use the up/down adjusting lever & rotate the clamp braket slightly to see it), loosening this slightly will allow the head angle to be adjusted.
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    Thanks so much! I didn't think to try and move it without moving the lever. A bit of brute force and it moves in a series of clicks.
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    There are for want of a better word serrations between the two halves of the clamp bracket & the clicks are two parts jumping back into position - loosen the screw a bit, the clicking should more or less stop & the adjustment will ease.
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    Thanks. WIll try that.

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