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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Mr Mike, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. Mr Mike

    Mr Mike New Member

    This has always been a puzzler for me, and one where I don't think there is a satisfactory solution.

    Quite often when re-furbing sashes, I'll come across one side with a missing wagtail or parting slip. Half the time it doesn't cause any problems with it not being there, but occasionally the lack of wagtail will cause the weights to jam against each other with much waggling of the sash to free it up.

    Has anyone ever figured a way around this without having to remove a complete pulley stile to fit a new parting slip ?
  2. wizwoz

    wizwoz Member

    Never come across one missing -- snapped sometimes, and have left them in. Seemed to serve it's purpose.
    I wonder could you slide a strip of hardbrd up thro the pocket whilst the weights are out, just to seperate them...
  3. Mr Mike

    Mr Mike New Member

    That's the only solution I can think of, but it would have to go the whole height of the box.....and I haven't tried it as of yet. The current windows I'm on, the pockets are tiny. As I say, it's not always problematic without the slip, but when say 2 or 3 sections of lead pipe have been added on to the cord along with the cast iron weight, then it ups the chances of them snagging more often......normally only catching when the sash is near fully open.

    Hardboard may do it. Anyone tried using anything else more flexible ?
  4. the old un

    the old un New Member

    Not trying to teach you how to suck eggs. Both of you are right. Only ever done one in my life though. Old chippie told me how. Besides wagtails and parting slips, we used to call them mid feathers.
    Take measure from top of box to bottom of weight opening less 5mm. Measure depth of box, measure width of weight opening. Cut slip from either 3mm ply or hardboard to width to go into weight opening. Push up box and turn round to rest against front weight. If trouble in pushing up, pull out slip, drill 5mm hole in top of slip, drop mouse and line down box, thread through hole, drop another mouse down box, tie on line, pull up then push and pull slip up, pull line out when in, Slip does not need to be full height of box.
    old un
  5. dunc

    dunc New Member

    yes you can do it, with a bit of careful work. you need to remove the pulleys to access the top of the box and you will probably find a hook or a nail to hang the strip onto. also its not too difficult to put a screw in.

    i made a leaf out of 35mm parting beading which i planed down to be more flexible. leave a thicker section at the top where you hang it. tie on some nylon cord to hang it with.

    then feed it in through the bottom of the box and hang it on the screw.
  6. Mr Mike

    Mr Mike New Member

    Thanks old un and thanks dunc.......

    That's useful info.

    Much appreciated and hope to use that on the next one. As I say, I've had a few missing parting slips before... I look forward to giving that a go....;)

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