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  1. Paul Barnard

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    Trying to get a little advice regarding mistcoating. So much conflicting opinions on this on the web. I researched paints and dilutions to decorate a couple of rooms and decided on Leyland contract at a dilution of 15%. Now I’m concerned that the dilution might have been too thick. It says on the tin that the paint can be diluted by about this much but maybe that’s just referring to general use. I have finished one room with this paint/dilution combination (used Dulux Trade for top two coats) and it looks fine. Question is when will I know if I have ‘got away with it’? Will the paint begin to peel after a few days or could the paint start to flake a couple of months/years down the line? The walls were plastered a couple of months ago so completely dry. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  2. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    It all depends on the quailty of the matt paint, whether it's like cottage cheese or runny like whey, as how much water you add for a mist coat,I've done as much as 70/30,other paint 50/50 or 60/40.

    Give wall/ceiling one mist coat, it will show up any imperfections,rub down, make good, then a second mist coat, allow to throughly dry,should be good for your final finish.

    And don't use a vinyl matt for a mist coat,totally different.
  3. Josh.91

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    Paint is much better than it used to be.
    I usually add around 20% without any issues
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  4. facilities

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    This was just my experience Paul, a year and half ago we moved into a 1960s bungalow and had every room in the House skimmed and artex ceilings overboarded, the plasterer said don’t bother with mist coat just use a cheap emulsion for first coat, we bought Leyland paint (think it was trade emulsion) on offer at the time £10.00 for 10lts, it covered perfectly so much so that I considered not applying a finish coat of good stuff (being a cheapskate)

    Anyway a year later and everything is perfect, don’t know if I will have a problem when time comes to repaint only time will tell,

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t apply a mist coat as that seems to be the right way of going about it, I may have been just lucky
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  6. Paul Barnard

    Paul Barnard New Member

    That’s very interesting and encouraging, thanks. We had the ceilings overboarded as well so sounds like a similar scenario. Will carry on and trust all will be well.
  7. Paul Barnard

    Paul Barnard New Member

    Leyland paint tends to be runny, unlike the Dulux. I’ll follow your suggestions on a test wall that’s already had the mist coat and see what happens. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Paul Barnard

    Paul Barnard New Member

  9. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    I never thin paint. Gardz or acrylic undecoat straight on out tin to prime.
  10. Paul Barnard

    Paul Barnard New Member

    Gardz, looks like a no hassle option, thanks very much. I’ll use that with my next job in the downstairs loo.
  11. Wayners

    Wayners Well-Known Member

    I buy gardz online as not stocked local. Crazy why not but hay ho. I'm nearly all kitted out from buying online now apart from screwfix
  12. Iron_Mike

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    I do 50/50.

    Used Armstead Contract Matt after a recommendation on here.

    Sometimes a couple of coats can work well.
  13. Paul Barnard

    Paul Barnard New Member

    Thanks for that. Funnily enough a couple of pro decorators I know recommended Armstead. So I bought a couple of tubs. Nicely priced to.

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