Mitre saw help?!

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by Joe92, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. wiggy

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    Spot on about the old 708, that used to be able to cut a 4inch post, was a lot smoother on the slide too........
  2. Joe92

    Joe92 New Member

    Thanks again for all the advice and help everyone.

    Last question is, is it possible to use the same blade from my 190mm Rip saw on the Makita chop saw? They're both 190mm blade.
  3. andy@kwo

    andy@kwo New Member

    It is not only a question of blade diameter and bore size when considering the suitability of a saw blade. For example a hand held circular saw would have a positive angle on the teeth and cuts on the upward stroke, whereas a mitre saw requires a negative angle on the tooth of the blade and cuts on the downward stroke. If you fit a hand held circular saw blade with positive tooth angle in a mitre saw it is likely to grab hold of the timber and maybe even throw it back at you. Mitre saws should always be fitted with a negative blade. Although fitting a mitre saw (negative tooth angle) blade to a portable circular saw should not have any serious consequences it is advisable to stick to the correct blade for each product.

    If you purchase a quality blade with a decent plate thickness and thicker tungsten carbide teeth you will experience less problems with blade wobble and be able to have the blade re-sharpened several times, therefore being more cost effective in the long run.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Joe92

    Joe92 New Member

    Thanks a lot, great advice and saved me from an inevitable accident.
  5. Unit 1

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    Maybe a bit late to comment but one thing you should have taken into account is which handle is most comfortable to use, my Metabo has a horizontal handle which is comfortable to use repeatedly, but I have heard other chippies moan that vertical handles give wrist problems.

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