Most cost effective way to paint a full 2 Bedroom house.

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by bond007, May 13, 2019.

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  2. glob@l

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    With so much masking involved, is it really any quicker than doing it by hand?

    Unless I'm missing something this machine doesn't spray emulsion paint which is exactly what a large percentage of people would use on domestic properties?

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  3. chippie244

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    The OP was asking for the most cost effective way of painting the entire house one colour and that's it, it will spray emulsion too.
  4. dobbie

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    I am not a painter by any means but totally agree a sprayer would be a waste of time.
    A decent roller and some decent brushes are all that is required,along with scraper sandpaper etc.
  5. Astramax

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    Inexpensive paint for woodwork and a quickie job..............'Crown Solo'. ;)
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  6. glob@l

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    The product questions tab asks this question and the answer reads as below.


    The product may not be used for processing emulsion and latex paints or chlorinated

    Thank you for using Q&A

    3 May 2019

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    With £50 up front is that really the cheapest way?
  7. chippie244

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    A good airless sprayer will do a house in less than a day.
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  8. chippie244

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    I'm talking about the former but you are talking about the latter.
  9. glob@l

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    Well in that case, even with all of the masking involved that is impressive and you would have to prepare it anyway so no extra time there. It's worth £50 to save on time' but I'm sure there would still be a learning curve though. It would likely take a painter a fair while to do a house the conventional way.

    I'm talking about the former!
  10. chippie244

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    They use them to paint warehouses.
  11. CGN

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    Once you have the technique down it’s quite quick. I’m new to spraying (houses) but I have an airless sprayer and it’s brilliant.
    Apparently, for every hour of masking you save 4 hours of painting.
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  12. glob@l

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    It would appear the bulk of the masking used in spray painting has polythene attached. Presumably the woodwork will still need to be hand painted and cut-in, or is this also masked and sprayed also?
  13. chippie244

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    The OP seems to want it all toshed in the same paint, it's a rental.
  14. KIAB

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    Definitely, once you got prep,clean up & masking done,you can make quick progress,& I liked using a paint shield, you can saving time not having to mask up some areas.
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  15. CGN

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    Can be sprayed too. The yanks are ahead of us with these techniques, but becoming more common on sites. One slight problem though is because you do get a very flat finish, touching up sticks out like a sore thumb, so good to roller last coat.

    I painted a 3 bed house out from total bare plaster to solid white(no woodwork) in about 3 hrs and that was my first time using airlesss.
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  16. bond007

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    Guys opting for the conventional method of roller and brush.

    Never done painting before so this will fun.

    Any rollers/brushes recommended value for money?

    Clean and pre the wall before hand with suger water and filler right?

    For ceiling paint, how can i minimise paint splashes or drops?

    Any tips and hints would be appreciated when doing a full house paint.

    Like what order to do etc...
  17. bond007

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    Anyone yet?
  18. bond007

    bond007 Active Member

    That super latex paint working out to be expensive.

    This paint any good to use over existing magnolia walls?

    Would i need to thin this paint?

    Also which roller/paint brush good for not leaving streak marks?
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  19. bond007

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    Anyone yet?
  20. Astramax

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    1, Vinyl matt plenty of offers about at present, welcome to the world of is expensive.
    2, No reason not to be.
    3, Maybe if required.
    4, Technique not tools.
    Should of finished by now! :)
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