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Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by apl, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. apl

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    I'm in the middle of decorating an old terraced house. Every room has been stripped and customer wants it re-papering. The walls aren't perfect by any means but are reasonably flat.
    The customer intends to rent it out when finished. i know that no paper is bulletproof but what finish on the walls is the most durable yet not pricey, bearing in mind the house is being rented and if the walls do get the odd knock, I may get called back to carry out repair work.
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    If you line it small dents can be filled and sanded,

    you could also use anaglypta and bung a couple of rolls in the loft.
  3. apl

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    Cheers. Forgot to add, i've already papered the bedrooms in Super Fresco Hessian and painted it magnolia. These were the worst walls. The paper only has a slight texture to it but its enough to hide the bumps and I think it will take the odd knock. The staircase, however, is very narrow and i'm wondering what's best to use here.
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    Being honest mate whatever wallcovering you decide to hang, its not going to tolerate the abuse that some tenants can dish out.

    I would be inclined to concentrate more on the ease of repair or replacement of the wallcovering, should you be asked to redec.

    This is just me mate, I would probably go with a bark pattern and just give it a few coats of silk, not the ideal solution I know, yet perhaps worth a little thought.

    Take care mate

  5. apl

    apl Member

    Cheers Potty, I thought as much myself, that's why I opted for the Hessian pattern which is not very pronounced so should be relatively easy to repair or redec.

    Hope your well mate.

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