Most important attributes of an electrician

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  1. I've been thinking for some time about what are the most important attributes required in different construction trades. I think with some profeesions it's pretty obvious, ie to be a scaffolder you have to be very thick skinned and ridiculously rude. However i can't work out what the key attributes are required to be a succesful electrician. Is it patience, intellect, work ethic? Love to hear what you electricians think is the key?
  2. sinewave

    sinewave Screwfix Select

    A good sense of humour and a thick skin on Muppet Boards! ;)
  3. X

    X New Member

    Love to hear what you electricians think is the key?

    A * good sense of humour

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  4. Ripped Off

    Ripped Off New Member

    Most important atribute is to say "thanks" for the cash
  5. 2 wheeled ant

    2 wheeled ant New Member

    Better ask the plumbers that question

  6. > A * good sense of humour

    just a good one will do

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  7. young_spark

    young_spark New Member

    I would say good social skills with customer, need to be able to plan jobs out well, do a good neat job, hard working and tidy.
  8. New Member

    The ability to wield the biggest hammer and chisel known to man, cut a 4 inch wide chase when a 1 inch one will do, leave all rubbish rubble, etc where it falls for some non-existant person to clear up, and whose sole conversation begins with "have you got....? (an earth block, an earth clamp, a screwdriver, etc)
  9. KidCurry

    KidCurry New Member

    To be honest with the customer about the work that needs doing. Watch out for the Rogue Traders cameras!!!
  10. wklivesvtime

    wklivesvtime New Member

    Not being a cant or owt and i have said here many times i dont like it when domestic house bashers get on a pedistal but if you are gonna get all your tickets the i think you have to be brighter than the other trades. Not saying bright plasterers dont exist - (on second thoughts) its just if you aint got a half decent brain you wont make the grade as a spark. Many exist who are not that bright but doubt they have 81,91 approved grading bla bla.
  11. ally1957

    ally1957 New Member

    Good question. Without doubt the most important attribute is to have a good friend who is a lift engineer since the current trend is for all the upwardly mobile to live in overpriced river view ( tsk ) high-rise flats with only one flat pack imported piece of junk loosley classed as an elevator
  12. autonull

    autonull New Member

    It helps if like me your a well *

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  13. Some interesting responses.

    Autonall, i'm not sure how that helps you to be a succesfull electrician, unless of course you use your schlong to chase up the walls!

    Anything else important other than a sense of humour and being brighter than the average tradesman?

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