Mould and damp porch

Discussion in 'Getting Started FAQ' started by Cara Eveson, Nov 30, 2021.

  1. Cara Eveson

    Cara Eveson New Member

    Hi there
    We just bought and moved into a property and it's one thing after another here... I'm hoping this one is an easy fix.

    We have a porch, and it keeps getting puddles of water in the corners and noir mould on the walls. We were suggested to get an air brick. But the porch has windows. If I leave a window open and still makes no difference. What will the air brick do?
  2. Abrickie

    Abrickie Screwfix Select

    An air brick would allow an air flow, but more knowledge of the construction of the porch may provide a fuller understanding of the cause of the problem and gain you a more informed solution
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  3. Cara Eveson

    Cara Eveson New Member

    It's just a single brick porch attached to the front of the house.
  4. Cara Eveson

    Cara Eveson New Member

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