Mould on Bathroom Ceiling

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by Danny Cole, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Danny Cole

    Danny Cole New Member

    Hi, my bathroom ceiling is cracked from where my electrician put in spotlights. This was a few years ago now and I still haven't touched it. There is now a horrible greeny black stain on the majority of the ceiling?! How can I best sort this out? Just a new coat of plaster over the top? Is there some form of paint that I can use? Or is this going to be a bigger problem then I anticipated? Picture attached.


  2. Sean_ork

    Sean_ork Screwfix Select

    is that fan operational ? - if it is it's ineffective as it's not removing the moist air from the room

    I doubt you'll find a paint product that will offer a long term solution
  3. Danny Cole

    Danny Cole New Member

    The fan does work (well it makes noise when turned on) - and was put in the same time as the spotlights which caused the crack, which was roughly;y this time in 2011. I guess replastering is probably the best option?
  4. Do you know if there's any insulation up there? I wonder if your sparky moved it out of the way when he did the wiring, leaving a cold area where the condensation forms?
  5. Sean_ork

    Sean_ork Screwfix Select

    is it properly externally ducted ? - or just sucking moist air into the loft space

    that's a lot of moisture damage to have occurred in such a short period
  6. Danny Cole

    Danny Cole New Member

    Hi, that's a good point actually - I don't think there is any insulation over where he installed the spotlights
  7. Danny Cole

    Danny Cole New Member

    I honestly don't know, it may be the case that it is just sucking the moist air in to the loft. I will have to check on that one > It looks a bit worse then it is, I think my partner tried to wipe the marks off creating the big smudge! Prior to that there was quite a few specks, but not the big patch that you see on the left of the picture!
  8. Sean may have hit on something - the sparky may have inadvertently knocked the duct off the back of the fan, so it's now discharging damp air into the cold roof space = damp.

    It's normal to remove insulation from immediately above and around the lamps - prevents them overheating. I don't think it's that, because the mould is more widespread. I was wondering if he'd dislodged a lot more than just above each lamp?

    Test the extractor by using a smoking taper or similar - can you see where it ducts to the outside?
  9. Is that also damp forming around the actual ceiling crack? What's above that ceiling - a room? A loft? Is it a flat roof?

    (To remove the mould that's there, wipe off the bulk, and then use either mould killer or bleach to kill and clear the rest.)

    There's something not right there, tho' - if it were just down to normal condensation, then you'd expect the mould to be along the ceiling/wall join where it tends to be coldest and the air flow much less. Being where it is suggests either lack of insulation in that particular area, or a leak from above.

    I think.

    Perhaps remove the fan or a lamp and have a probe about? A wee mirror and torch?
  10. Danny Cole

    Danny Cole New Member

    Thanks, I will have a little look when I get home tonight. I'll wipe the mould off with some bleach to kill it, then get up in to the loft and have a peak. There's nothing above the ceiling up there, just some insulation (which may well have been removed completely from the surrounding area, other then just directly above the lights). I'll see where the duct ends too, make sure that it hasn't been dislodged.

    Appreciate your help.
  11. How'dya get on?
  12. nerijus24

    nerijus24 New Member

    Also do not forget that some paints are not suitable for bathrooms. I had mould in the bathroom and could not get rid of it until painted it with Zinsser perma white. Did the job perfect. 2years since and no mould have appeared.
  13. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Poor old Danny
    He took a look in his loft over a week ago and it looks like the "mould monster" has got him

    Satan asked "How'dya get on" ?

    Obviously not too good :eek:

    What a shame, especially after all that advice given !
  14. He'll be back. :)

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