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    Hi all,

    I was hoping someone could give me some pointers about how to get rid of this mould in the ceiling and also why am I getting it and how can i prevent it coming back?

    Someone once mentioned it's due to the insulation in the loft? 20181124_104459.jpg
  2. Heat

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    Usually due to poor circulation in room corners and lack of insulation in lofts, or parts of insulation missing or folded back due to work being done and not put back.

    It will help if you use dehumidifier or air conditioning and try to avoid drying clothes, or anything that adds more moisture to the air, such as showering without proper steam extraction or bathroom window open.

    A mould remover or a weak bleach solution will remove that mould easily, but be very careful not to get any of it on fabrics or on your body, so wear gloves and safety goggles.
  3. Allsorts

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    Due to insulation? Due to lack of insulation, possibly.

    Mould occurs when moisture condenses out on a surface regularly. Condensation occurs when there is moisture in the air which then finds the coldest surface to condense out on. You 'cure' this by (a) removing as much moisture from the air as possible (or preventing it from getting there in the first place - so no putting wet clothes on rads, or showering with a fan...) which usually means ventilation. Ie - if you opened every window in that room, I bet your mould would cease. But you'd freeze yer whatsits off. So, it's a compromise. Or by (b) making these surfaces warmer - so the moisture goes somewhere else instead...

    That usually means 'insulation'. So, how well insulated is that corner of the room?

    Having said that, upper corners are the likeliest places for condensation (and mould) since they have less air flying past them - it's a bit 'stale' up there.

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