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Discussion in 'Job Talk' started by Rachel Forsyth, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Rachel Forsyth

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    We’re looking at moving the existing bathroom to a smaller bedroom on the other side of the house (both ground floor-bedroom beside lounge). All the external pipe work runs on the existing bathroom side of the house. So can this be done? Any ball park figures? Have a plan that shows existing external pipe work.

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  2. Tasher87

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    This totally can be done, but I think everyone will agree it will not be cost-effective. You can install saniflo system.
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  3. 14th edition

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    Drainage is everything....if there is no mains drainage then you have to go the saniflow route in order to pump waste to the other side of the building. Or much more expensive alter the external drainage layout.....its not pretty and very expensive generally!
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  4. BikerChris

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    Like others have said, it can be done, it's just the expense of excavating down the side of the building to hook up to the existing foul pipe. It's ok if you can get a digger down there, but I don't know how much wiggle room you have between your house and your neighbours boundary. If it needs hand digging that's going to cost as well. Then there's the invert levels, if unlucky it could be 2m down, do you know them?

    If you don't mind the motor of a saniflo, it could be a way, depends who you give the job to -they might not have experience of them and hike up the price to compensate. 4 inch pipe is best and most reliable though, no moving parts...apart from the poop of course.

    I think of saniflos for basements or where the ground level is just incompatible with a gravity fed solutions.

    Hope that helps.

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