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    I had an extension built for me by a small company; we were recommended them through a friend who had some work done by them.

    They completed work on the extension and it passed the 1st couple of stages of building regulation. There were a couple of really small jobs left to do but that was only notified to us just before lockdown & he hasn't returned to complete them yet. We can get those resolved very easily anyway.

    However, as part of the work on the extension we had our combi-boiler moved from one part of the kitchen into a new part of the kitchen. We haven't had a certificate to show that this work was carried out by a competent person.

    In fact, I suspect that this wasn't carried out by a competent person even though he said that it would be. My wife & I weren't at home when the work was being carried out so we are not sure. But given that he hasn't provided a certificate & now refuses to help us resolve this I believe he probably didn't.

    The last time we saw him we were trying to finalise how much we should pay as there were a few thousand to be paid on completion (& we were waiting for a certificate). Due to lockdown we haven't been in touch with him much & he's not responding. Because we weren't happy with some aspects of his work & made him redo some things, or reduced how much we would pay him because we had other people fix things (electrics) he seems to want to be done with us.

    So my question is, what do I do to get the boiler checked, safe, and certified?

    Small company did an extension for us, it is mostly up to standard, but he didn't supply a gas certificate, may not have done it legally, and will no longer interact with us.
  2. Bob Rathbone

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    Hold on to your completion payment until all of the work has been done and certificated. Yes, it's a hard line to take, but necessary. If you do not hear from the builder again you could have the boiler checked by a Gas Safe type.
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  3. zhan

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    Thanks Bob, I don't think we are going to pay him any more money & I doubt he is going to reply to us, unfortunately though he has already had most of the money from us (& everything but the boiler is pretty much done to standard).

    I don't think he is going to provide us with a certificate because I really doubt he had someone gas safe to do it, so I suspect he can't.

    So should I just get a gas safe registered heating engineer & then follow their advice?

    & what is likely the path to be taken? Will the gas safe engineer do a reinstall? I'm happy to pay for that to get everything safe & the extension signed off.
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    Your only option to legalise it is to apply for retrospective approval under B Regs (regularisation certificate) with the local authority, you will almost certainly have do this anyway as the BCO will probably ask for a gas safe cert which you won't be able to give in the course of inspecting the extension.
    Please note a private inspector cannot issue Reg Certs as there may be enforcement issues.
    Your first port of call is to contact B Control otherwise you may be paying money out to have it inspected by a gas safe installer only for the LA to insist on them inspecting the work.
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  5. zhan

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Building control did come out to inspect the site on a few occassions and did sign off 2 of 3 stages; they just asked for a few small jobs & are waiting for the gas certificate. They told us they would be in touch again but that was a few days before lockdown started. So I will get in touch with them again tomorrow & explain the situation?
  6. Frutbunn

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    I can't comment on your LA but the way we dealt with them was to get the Reg Cert app then employ a Gas Safe installer to inspect the installation on our behalf, if he was happy with the work then we would issue the Reg Cert for the work.
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  7. The Teach

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    Which certificate did youask before gas work started,ok sometimes it easy to accept the main contractor will sort it all.

    in relation to boiler movement which certificate is your BC asking for its very important to know? , just to streamline what you future instruct a gas person to issue. Sometimes BC are asking for a piece of paper that is not required :mad: but some are very out of date and love to scan any documents :confused:

    Everyone knows why :(

    as the current property owner/agent/developer you have mentioned there is a possibility the gas heater move was done by unregistered operatives nothing new there but working under supervision is available (gas regs only).

    If you live in a gas safe region,you could inform them of a possible rule infringement.They can if they want to send a known local gas safe technician (at your cost) to test/inspect/etc.
    they will issue paperwork safe or unsafe and could shut down what they deem at that time not right.

    BC :D
  8. Frutbunn

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    Its the gas safe cert for the installation of the boiler, it is now illegal for anyone other than a gas safe installer to carry out this work, this is the only cert BC would require, it IS required.
    I have contacted gas safe on several occasions on installations carried out by gas safe installers but not registered they are not interested.
    As this is an illegal installation and is also part of the extension work it is now a B Control issue and there is a potential enforcement issue.
  9. The Teach

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    Sorry luv but please take dont this wrong gassafe may elect or not to engage with you.They are there for paid up subscribers and free for many householders,leaseholders,tenants. gdpr + other responsibility's (well for 2020 :)) apply.

    monitoring of social media is well known :)

    hey they are the current incumbent,why not register your interest with them. Like your own operation they can apply charges.

    Being old,have seen it all before :D so which certificate should zhan require and your quote to achieve zhan.s needs.


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