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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Philip Hogson, Sep 17, 2021.

  1. Philip Hogson

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    I'm planning to rotate a toilet from its previous position and move it slightly further from the existing soil pipe, then box in the pipework. The plumber I had lined up to do this has gone quiet and I can't find another plumber who is able to do this job in the next week or so - meanwhile, the wife is getting irate and wants this sorted asap!

    I'm an experienced DIY'er but have never moved/installed a toilet before so really looking for some pointers before I do it myself.

    The picture attached shows the approx new position of the toilet. I was planning to connect some new pipes between the existing soil pipe (which I've managed to rotate 90 degrees as can be seen in the picture) and the relocated toilet. This distance is approx 650mm from the toilet to the wall parallel to the soil pipe, and approx 200mm from the wall to the existing soil pipe.

    I'm not sure whether I can run some flexible pipe between the existing soil pipe and the relocated toilet (with a suitable gradient), or it needs to be all (or part) rigid pipework. I'm also not sure whether I need to replace the existing soil pipe (it's set in concrete and surrounded by what looks like a cast-iron ring so I'd rather not replace it unless absolutely necessary).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    IMG_3573 (1).jpg
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    You need to take that old pan connector out and start again. No need to use a flexi, it can be done with solid pipe clipped to the wall and a suitable new pan connector.
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  3. Philip Hogson

    Philip Hogson New Member

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