Moving Kitchen to another room (Waste pipe distance)

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  1. Patrick Davies

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    I've had a look online and I can't work this out so I'm hoping someone with more expertise will be able to give me an answer.

    I want to move the kitchen to the reception room in my flat. In the kitchen I plan to have a sink, washing machine and dishwasher, the cooker will be electric so I don't need to worry about gas. The problem is the new location it is quite a fair distance from the waste pipe.

    Based on the plans attached, does anyone know if this would be possible? Bear in mind this is a mid floor flat so I can't go into the floor below or above as they are private flats.

    The new kitchen location isn't very far from the bathroom plumbing so i don't know if that could be the saving grace, or would the kitchen sink etc... need it's own piping to the waste pipe directly?

    The kitchen could go on the opposite end of the room if that would work, although preferably not because of the chimney breast.

    Appreciate any feedback, cheers

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  2. kiaora

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    defiantly need to fit the sink near to the bath,
    1, less waste of hot water, (too long dead leg)
    2, less cost,
    3, easy to connect drain

    ref chimney breast, you could stud wall that section to give you a strait wall,
    note, the only way to route the sink drain, is round to the bath, you need 50mm waste and a fall of around 15mm per 1m, to avoid any problems, and compression elbows to allow for clearing any blockages

    good luck
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  3. Patrick Davies

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    Thank you Peter, much appreciated!

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