Moving outside tap help.

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by TPL56, Jun 1, 2022.

  1. TPL56

    TPL56 New Member


    I'd like to remove the tap shown below, cut the pipe close to the wall and then run the pipe under the decking.
    Then run the pipe to this tap..

    If I connect an elbow to the pipe coming out the wall, can I then connect a flexible hose than runs under the decking to the new tap? If so, what do I need to get to do this?
  2. Nexial

    Nexial Active Member

    Dont use flexible hose! It will freeze, split and then flood.

    Do you have a non-return valve in the house leading to this?

    Isolate inside, cut at the wall, elbow down, elbow across, speedfit plastic pipe across to new tap. Cover everything in waterproof foam insulation (armaflex etc)
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  3. TPL56

    TPL56 New Member

    Perfect! Thank you very much. Yes, non return valve just the other side of the wall and an isolator.
  4. TPL56

    TPL56 New Member

    Can I use the plastic push fit elbows with the existing copper pipe?
  5. Nexial

    Nexial Active Member

    Yes, speedfit / polypipe / polyplumb / hep20 are all designed to work with copper pipe as long as it is cut correctly (pipeslice) They do look a little bulky though so would not look the prettiest on the outside of the building.
    The main thing though however you pipe it, is waterproof insulation over the pipework.
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  6. TPL56

    TPL56 New Member

    Okay thats great. Thank you for your help!
  7. exbg

    exbg Screwfix Select

    On the first pic there is an isolation valve. I assume that is there as a drain point?
    Try to fit something similar accessible on the new install, at the lowest level, possibly just exiting the boards,
    In the winter, isolate inside then drain the water from the external pipework.
    Lagging of any nature does not STOP pipework freezing, ut just slows it down - hopefully until the next temperature rise.which sometimes does not happen for a few days.

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