multi finish/board finish

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by shade695, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. shade695

    shade695 New Member

    ok here's one for a topic is there anything that can be used for a retarder for finish plasters or base coat plasters without causing too much shrinkage or loss of bonding to surfaces.
  2. dj.

    dj. New Member

    **** in it!!
  3. hallbeck

    hallbeck New Member

    NOt sure if this is what you mean, but multi goes off slower than board finish when used on p/board
  4. I hear tell a splash of pva works in the gaugeing water, but have never tried it
  5. nearnwales

    nearnwales Member

    My grandad used to say to me he had a gang of plasterers subbing to him, and they used to put lime in the skim to hold it back, ever tried it thou.
  6. layiton

    layiton New Member

    Lime is ok in skim if skimming browning or the like,but NEVER use it if skimming boards cos it will blow! nite nite.

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