Multi Wood - Any experience with them?

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Kitchen Buyer, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Kitchen Buyer

    Kitchen Buyer New Member

    I have just gotten several quotes from various kitchen companies and one of the best value ( pretty good quality, acceptable price) is from Multi Wood. They have been doing conservatories for years but kitchens for just 6 months.

    Compared to the usual suspects (B&Q, Moben, etc) we are considering accepting.

    Is there anyone out there please who has used them for kitchens and were you at all happy - or not - with what you got?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  2. Boff

    Boff New Member

    Multiwood are a high quality kitchen door supplier and have been going since 1987. I presume the Multi Wood you are looking at are a completely different company, maybe they are trying to piggy back on the original Multiwoods name?
  3. Kitchen Buyer

    Kitchen Buyer New Member

    Hi Boff

    Yes. They are 2 separate companies.
    As mentioned, this company have been doing conservatories for about 15 years and are now moving into kitchens too - and the conservatory company happened to have the name multiwood - the same as the kitchen door company.

    Still hoping to see if anyone has used them for kitchens and how it went?
  4. horstink

    horstink New Member

    hi, this is too late for you but i hope this will help other people.
    Dont touch them!!
    we had a wooden kitchen fitted. It was from multiwood. All the parts seemed to be from different batches and did not match in colour. We have heard it all before with regards to wood having different colour etc, but we had a wooden kitchen before this one and even though there was a difference in colour, they still seem to match in a way. this is completely different.
    We had the rep out once and he refused to come out again. He told the builder to be firmer with his costumers. Disappointed with them is an understatement and i would not recommend this company to anyone
  5. HortonHyde

    HortonHyde New Member

    My old kitchen was from Multi Wood, the original one which Boff mentioned. The customer service was good and the price was cheaper then the rest. Now the doors needed a refinishing after two years but we have planned to replace them completely. We wanted a modern look for our kitchen hence we ordered shaker kitchen cabinets from the RTA store. If you want you can consider them as well, here's the address, *

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