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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by ceekay, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. ceekay

    ceekay New Member

    What are your must have tools the ones which you could not live without...
  2. P_Terry

    P_Terry New Member

    well, I would have to say I love my SeeSnake Micro inspection camera - I bought it for a one-off cabling job after trying for 3 hours to fish a cable with a coat hanger from behind some plasterboard and I've since found 100 other uses for it.... Not to mention the kids love it for looking around corners! :)
  3. ceekay

    ceekay New Member

    Ye they look pretty good I must admit, they arnt very expensive either maby thats one for the van
  4. Dreadnaught Heating

    Dreadnaught Heating New Member

    In no particular order,

    Fluke continuity tester (too many belts off leccy showers/badly fitted boxes in kitchens)

    Bosch GBH sds drill/gun, pays for itself every time I get it out of the box.

    Telegan Sprint V2 FGA with printer/thermometer clamps

    open ended spanners 6-20mm inclusive, plus 22, 24, 30/32

    BAHCO pump pliers

    Bosch Multitool

    24" stillsons

    Monument 'wriggley' tap spanner

    Basically I have a waaaaay too big/heavy FACOM carry bag that has mebbe 50 crucial tools that you just know you 'might' need to complete a task, but of course, we need more various tools than any other trade on an hourly/daily basis don't we?

  5. palavaman

    palavaman Well-Known Member

    junior hacksaw, its a must.
  6. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man New Member

    24mm open-ended spanner cut 1/4 short, and grind off some of the cheek. Ace on 15mm compression fittings.
    The Monument one is a load of tihS even though it's less than £3.
    I dunno what Monument used to get that size spanner, but it fits nothing in my well stocked van!
  7. superfurryanimal

    superfurryanimal New Member

    milwakee battery hacksaw ... thats a must fella..
  8. ceekay

    ceekay New Member

    I brought a telescopic magnet and its a gem for getting screws that you have droped where you cant get your fingers, if its a realy tight space like down the plughole put a big screw on the end and the screw becomes magnetic its even strong enough to pick up my adjustables. great stuff
  9. Sir R Puller

    Sir R Puller New Member

    Of course, no self-respecting Plumber should leave home without has Bahco wide jaw adjustable spanners, 10,15,22 & 28mm pipe slice & Nightlite LED torch.
  10. tiling spread

    tiling spread New Member

    bahco spanner and my emergency phone charger
    telescopic magnet
    lunchbox flask
    bluetooth headset dont want to get nicked
    nurofen ibuprofen redbull
    body spray stays in the van
    and a set of foot prints
  11. no comment

    no comment New Member

    ERBAUER 10.8 volt mini drill allways in box. saved many a trip to van (must have decent masonary drill kit) same battry for multi cutter as well
  12. ian anderson

    ian anderson New Member

    The Gerber pocket sharpener gets my vote. For less than the cost of a pint, this tiny tool keeps my every day carry knife, plenty sharp enough for work.

    Well, that and my DW743 flip saw of course. Opposite ends of the tool spectrum for you........£3 to £600
  13. howlsatthemoon

    howlsatthemoon New Member

    bahco 6,10 and12 inch adjustables. ck 12 inch grips. aeg angle attatchment for my atlas copco hammer drill.  testo 327.


    like the look of that sea snake will be able to find those lost maltesers ????
  15. catchup

    catchup Member

    Funny that,my missus also likes the look of my Bed snake
  16. screwfix

    screwfix Guest

    oh no.

    This conversation's heading the wrong way.

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