My next door neigbhour Died last week <img border=

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Harry_Davison, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Harry_Davison

    Harry_Davison New Member

    Smashing old codger was Al...67yo..
    was took in with shortness of breath last week an while admitted he died in his sleep, was riddled with liver cancer...such a Major Shocker..OMFG !!
    Im hitting the vodka tonight in celebration to the old lad ....funerels this wed afto,
    Never even got a chance to visit the old sod :(
    What really has upset me is how sudden his popped his clogs
    just so sudden was chatting over the garden wall last tues night about Englands footie chances ..
    next day in Hospital that night dead ..passed away in his sleep
    At least the bugger didnt drag on an suffer ,:)
    I was told when he got the results an told the news about the cancer that nighttime went to bed an must of thought OH ****** to it ....
    His wife died a few years ago , they have 2 sons in their 30s/40s ....
    Never kept in touch with him, poor old bug ger ,

    now his dead they been at the house today moving furniture out...
    Talk about Vultures !!
    His not even been burnt yet an they are banging around in there :(
    shameful pair of *** ..:-( :(

    Maybe at the funeral wake I will let them know what a pair of ***** they been to their old dad SMACK the pair of them ?..:)

    Anyway raise your glasses to my old mate Al , a ***** Good Bloke !!

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  2. Ion Transient

    Ion Transient New Member


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  3. Harry_Davison

    Harry_Davison New Member

    isnt it past your bedtime ,you sad *** ?
    Oh I forget summer holidays an your chavvy mother lets you stay up letting in her next Punters ..

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  4. Tommy_Saxondale

    Tommy_Saxondale New Member

    Hey Harry
    Dude thats some bad **** there , my condolenzes (sp?)
    Im on my spesh brew an white lightening...Respect!
    I will toast you an your friend,
    just ignore the idiots here :)
  5. cliffy brown

    cliffy brown New Member

    harry & tommy, you two should get together one day i think you'd really hit it off
  6. Rabbit Rabbit

    Rabbit Rabbit New Member

    My next door neighbour is going to die next week if he carry's on reving his engine all day :)
  7. ª¹

    ª¹ New Member

    "carry's on reving"

    No schools down your warren then?
  8. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    hey david
    i'll raise me glass (can of carling) to the owd begger, rip old boy,,,if ever you need plumber just call.
  9. Mr GrimNasty

    Mr GrimNasty Active Member

    67 - hardly "old" these days?
  10. Tommy_Saxondale

    Tommy_Saxondale New Member

    67 - hardly "old" these days?
    Its no age really ...

    Hope your mates funeral went ok,an did you chin the tw at sons ?
  11. Harry_Davison

    Harry_Davison New Member

    Yes I did attend the funeral very touching/sorrowful ...:(
    At the Wake afterwards I stood listening too the *Saintly Sons* talking about their Dad like they were real close like ...hmm what utter **!
    Before I left as it was becoming a right **** up ...
    I let the Sons into a few home truths about how there sad old dad was crushed because his two *busy high flying*(who live local!) Sons never visited him ...
    I got told threateningly
    well we were busy an had lots on whats it got to do with you ,old man ..?
    I told these two oiks
    Nothing ..its just a shame he went too the grave a broken man...Very lonely an wishing he had better sons ..I know this cause he confided this with me tearfully one xmas alone ..
    With those thoughts... I left them ,stunned an shocked ,

    I hope what I said is far worse than giving them both a smack in the gob ...:) eh Tommy ?

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  12. Bess

    Bess New Member

    Hey Harry

    Sorry to hear about your mate. At least he is not in pain anymore. Lost my Gran a few years back, she was cool!

    Anyway, gonna have a drink for your mate

  13. Harry_Davison

    Harry_Davison New Member

    As Death is gonna come to us all sooner or later thats the way to go quietly in your kip ...
    or maybe in the thoes of passion banging a fit young 22yo busty blonde..;-)
  14. Tommy_Saxondale

    Tommy_Saxondale New Member

    Hiya Harry
    Played a blinder there my old mate ..
    pair of **s.....
    both will be "sweded" after what you told them , well done .....:)
  15. Bess

    Bess New Member

    22 y o. That brings back memories.
  16. ads_chip

    ads_chip New Member


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  17. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    Bess, you can remember when you were 22?


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