My power shower is running too hot even on coldest setting. Ive tried adjusting the screw

Discussion in 'Screwfix Live' started by Highland lass, Mar 23, 2024.

  1. Highland lass

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    Its a niagra model bar type shower. Can you help?
  2. Teki

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  3. davidclarks

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    I think you should be make sure the shower head is securely attached and free of clogs. If problems are encountered with water flow, check the diverter valve for proper operation.
  4. MGW

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    This upload_2024-6-22_13-7-1.png is not a power shower, however it can be connected to a power shower pump. So this
    does not help. It has the word thermostatic, so as long as both feeds are the same pressure it should work.

    However, getting the feed for a power shower is not easy. The aim is to tap into the water supply so should the water supply fail, it will not expose the immersion heater element, but draw air before that happens. So the supply likely goes all the way back to the cistern to ensure this.

    Somewhere there will be a pump, it is not a power shower without one, but this could be anywhere along the route. Most likely fault is a filter blocked. But not seen any shower today where one can't select cold only, so try giving more info, as seems odd it can't be set to cold.
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    Wax cartridges used for thermostatic control can often fail simply due to build up of limescale. This limits their ability to expand or contract. Sometimes simply moving the temperature adjustment back and forth a dozen times can free them up. Other option dismantle, clean and reassemble.

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