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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by cosworth, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. cosworth

    cosworth New Member

    hello all.
    ive made my own website thru one of the free web builders so thought i'd post it up for you to see.
    it aint perfect as im a bit useless with pc's so be gentle.
    im open to more ideas to make it more appealing so feel free to help me out if you can.
  2. Herr Trigger

    Herr Trigger New Member

    Hello cosworth.

    looks quite good mate, but...

    You need to use correct grammar on the Home page, "you're" instead of "your" in certain places, also needed are proper placement of commas etc.

    Services page needs doing differently, it looks too crowded and the list needs to be level all the way down.

    You may also need to consider a contact details page, or the amount of people looking at it wont matter as they wont be able to contact you??

    All in all, not a bad attempt though mate, well done.
  3. Bassrock

    Bassrock New Member


    Very good for a first attempt, however:-

    Phone number, email address !!
    Contact details !!
    Where are you located etc..!!

    If I did wish to spend 200k on a Kitchen how do I contact you for free advice and a quote !!??

    Looks professional just add detail.
  4. cosworth

    cosworth New Member

    thanks both.
    yes my grammar is bad as my wife keeps pointing out.
    she will go thru it and sort that for me.
    services page has gone a bit pete tong as i changed the backround earlier and it mucked the spacings up. will sort that too.
    i have got a contact details page but its hidden just for now because i was worried i'd get dodgy emails and text messages from fellow screwfix posters:)

    will spend a bit more time on it another day.
    getting van signed up with the web address in next few wks so got a little time to iron the mistakes. cheers
  5. cosworth

    cosworth New Member

    ive had a quick sort out on the spacings on the services page but the grammer will have to wait.

    i didnt care much for english in school as you can see.
    i got a big fat F in my exams.
    i passed c.d.t tho so happy bout that 1 at least.
  6. blueassedfly!

    blueassedfly! New Member

    you should also have a page of your previous work (GALLERY PAGE) this will help future clients to see what youre capable off :)
  7. cosworth

    cosworth New Member

    gallery should be listed next to the home heading.
    or have i mucked that up too. i'll go off and check now.
  8. cosworth

    cosworth New Member

    yep its next to services.
    click on the pics in the gallery to open up the full gallery. thanks
  9. maxply45

    maxply45 New Member

    Loose the counter it looks amateurish.

    The links would be better if they changed on mouseover.

    The services page. The font is too big, try something smaller. Howzabout just listing the services as a header with a short description of what you do in each ?

    General look is quite good.
  10. cosworth

    cosworth New Member

    maxply thanks for ideas but what do you mean about the links changing on a mouseover?
    im a bit of a computer novice.
    im still amazed i even managed to get this far with the site,takes me days to type a paragraph:)
  11. maxply45

    maxply45 New Member

    By the links i mean the menu - "home services photo gallery". Have a look at this site i did recently, the links are in the left column and across the top (they change to red)
  12. Hovva

    Hovva New Member

    Right, you're in luck. I'm a Copywriter/Proof-reader by trade.

    You need to re-work your first paragraph. It sounds too negative. Be positive. So start with something like:

    "If you’re looking for a quality kitchen - whatever your budget - the key is attention to detail."

    Then immediately say why YOU can offer them great attention to detail. Don't spend any time going on about how bad anyone else is...

    And as for you maxply - 'Source For Me are a..." should be "Source For Me is a... "

    Okay, that'll be £150.
  13. Majjie

    Majjie New Member

    I had a look too ... and came over all schoolmarmy.
    I'd re-write your front page blurb like this:

    Are you looking for a quality kitchen installation?

    If so, look no further. At Easyfit Installations we don't mind whether you're on a budget, or going for that luxury look. In either case, the key to a beautiful kitchen is skill and attention to detail, during the installation. Even really expensive kitchens can be ruined by poor fitting.

    Many homeowners are becoming all too aware that, if you want a stunning new kitchen ... whatever it's size ... then DIY isn't the answer. Even before you start, it can be daunting for the amateur to remove and dispose of the old kitchen. Get rid of all the stress - by using Easyfit Installations.

    Some of the details that matter include; masons mitre joins (also known as "butt n scribe") for the worktops (none of those nasty metal strips); neat and efficient plumbing, for appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and American style fridge freezers (with ice and water dispensers); good quality floor and wall tiling (a rough job can ruin the overall look) and, of course, professional gas works, by a certified corgi installer. Another thing that Easyfit often recommends is a replaster of your old walls before the kitchen is installed ... it gives your new kitchen a really fresh look. Any poor quality finishes stand out like a sore thumb in a brand new kitchen!

    You can choose to have Easyfit do as much work as you need. Laminate and hardwood flooring can be included. How about quality oak in the dining area? Bedroom furniture can also be installed. Sliding glass doors can be fitted. You can even extend the kitchen into the garden with decking. Don't slave indoors over a hot cooker, this summer ... start enjoying those barbecues!

    For friendly and free advice and quotations, please do contact me
  14. Majjie

    Majjie New Member

    Oh ... and that'll be £149!
  15. cosworth

    cosworth New Member

    max, hoova and majjie.
    thanks for ideas again and i do agree with what your saying.
    i was thinking the first paragraph wasnt perfect but couldn come up with much better.
    majjie thanks for taking the time to write the whole first thinking of using a lot of what you put in there.
    cheques in the post to all of you.
  16. maxply45

    maxply45 New Member

    "And as for you maxply - 'Source For Me are a..." should be "Source For Me is a... "

    Hoova - client supplied and preferred text, not my responsibility.
  17. maxply45

    maxply45 New Member

    hovva - that'll be £150 credit
  18. Marketing-Man

    Marketing-Man New Member

    Hello cosworth

    I have had a good look at your website and you have made a great start. People spend too long perfecting their websites before getting them online. Getting it out there is the key. Then, after a bit of feedback you can go in and update it. There is nothing like being able to update your own website whenever you like.

    All you need to do now is get people to your site.

    If you want any advice on getting visitors to your site please let me know. I have also written an article '10 top tips to get your website listed on the 1st page of google, for free'

    If you want a link to this free article please let me know.

  19. smithybora

    smithybora New Member

    Hi Marketing-man.

    Could i have the info for people to see your website.

    My mail is


    Just in middle of changing mine. Got someone to work on it, its £500 but hopefuly worth it.

  20. cosworth

    cosworth New Member

    hello marketing man.
    thanks and yes i'd like to take a look at that site if you could put the link up please.


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