(Myson) Kickspace Heater

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Wheel-nut, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. Wheel-nut

    Wheel-nut Member

    I am considering installing one of these Kickspace Heaters in a Kitchen to replace a 7500Btu radiator.

    Can anybody share experience with the effectiveness of these.

    Can you also tell me the best place to buy them and the approximate cost. The Model I am considering is the Myson Whispa II WHII9000. http://www.mysoninc.com/Pages/FanConvectors/wh5000ds.html
  2. GJC

    GJC New Member

    Myson make top notch kit!

  3. MICC

    MICC Member

    Also check out Dimplex, very good heater and easy to install.
  4. Wheel-nut

    Wheel-nut Member

    Thanks GJC & MICC.

    Can you suggest a supplier for these.

    MICC, Is the Dimplex an electric heater or does it connect to the wet system?
  5. GJC

    GJC New Member


    Any good Merchant will stock/get Myson mate. Try the web if you don't have a trade account, they can be pricey, but they are quality.

  6. nk

    nk New Member

    I have a myson kickspace 800 (I think) in my kitchen. Has worked fabulously for 2 years and pumps out some considerable heat even on lowest fan setting. I can highly recommend (and no I don't work for them !). Think mine came from Plumb Centre who order on for you. Hope this helps.
  7. Wheel-nut

    Wheel-nut Member

  8. Dr. Bob

    Dr. Bob New Member

    Our kickspace was initially plumbed in with the narrow bore copper tubing and refused to work even tho' 1st rad. on network. (something to do with temperature drop across the kickspace). When we replaced said piping with ? 15mm normal tubing, even from later in circuit it has worked perfectly. So much so that can't get near it now because the cat hogs the vent outlet

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