Nabis bathrooms - any good?

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    My mates got a trade account in Plumcentre that I can use.

    I'm getting a new bathroom and ensuite and have been to the showroom for a look with the Mrs and she likes a couple of the Nabis ranges, the Vector and Lamone, after sitting on every other toilet that disagreed with her.

    My wallet is quite happy, but they are so cheap that I worry that I'll end up regretting the purchase? Do they last well? The finish seemed ok, a bit wobbly but not as nice as the better stuff. I'm quite happy to spend a bit more, but its hard without seeing them.

    Any feedback on the Nabis shower enclosures / shower trays / bathscreens would be good too.

    There is so much choice with at different prices with hardly anything on display so it's really hard.

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    Anyone can get the same discount (sometimes better) but remember its a trade to trade sale check the sale conditions.

    Nabis could just be a badge name for wolselsy bathroom products. The parts could be made by others but happy to be corrected ;). They have the knowledge to select very decent goods :).

    personally for toilets and basins i use ideal standard vue items (screwfix sell these) baths i use carronite products by carron (made in scotland) .
    Shower trays if stone resin (any make) but for low profile trays i use ideal standard idealite. shower glass enclosures any 8mm-10mm glass enclosures.if for a P shower bath look at plumbase for matching items.

    Just remember to have suitable water supplies and drainage before selecting the white goods.

    Happy plumbing.
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