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  1. just looking into buying my first nail gun so just after some advice please. We do a lot of studding, etc but also skirting, etc. Do we need to buy first and second fix guns or is there something we can get that will be ok for both ? I have all 18v dewalt and have been looking at the dc618 which is classed as second fix but would be ideal to save buying a full new set.

    Also would a small compressor be better ?

    Just some advice really, we are nott full time carpenters but it does come in to our daily life but will not be our main full time tool, thanks.
  2. hallbeck

    hallbeck New Member

    I use a Passy im90 for first fix. I makes stud work a breeze.

    Architraves i pin by hand and i screw skirts using an impact driver. I don't do that many architraves to justify a nail gun just for them.

    Compressor nail guns are cheaper to run (no gas) but you need to be lugging a compressor up the stairs. They also take a lot longer to set up. The passy is ready as soon as the box is open.
  3. wuddy

    wuddy Member

    how do people not using nailguns manage?
    do you over charge for your work or take a hit on your money?

    it is basic tool kit that i would expect everyone to have
  4. xtegmartin

    xtegmartin New Member

    nail guns are a must on new builds, you won't make money with out them, but if you just do small works then by the time you have taken into account the price of the gun, nails, gas and servicing i would say it makes no odds to price, screwing skirting ouch lot of filling for the poor painter, unless its not your average size skirting off course, but in answer to your post, i don't know off a nail gun that does both 1st and 2nd fix nails i always go for paslode a known and trusted brand i think

  5. thanks for the advice. Wuddy the reason we dont have them as yet is because as I said we are not just carpenters and have managed so far for what we do but now we are very busy we have decided to get one, hence the question. Theres always one come back with some snidey negative comment, say nothing if you cant answer the original question you *

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  6. xtegmartin

    xtegmartin New Member

    I don't think the response was aimed directly at you
  7. wuddy

    wuddy Member

    no my comment was not directed squarely at you , it was made on the basis of full time carpenters that do not have them
    with the current economy pricing is very tight and i know that if i based my prices on hand nailing and screwing i would not get any work if i continued to price at my current rates so would therefore have to cut my rates or find customers that will happily take my prices without price shopping

    there was nothing snidey about my comments and forums would not be half as informative if people only answered the question asked
  8. busy builder

    busy builder New Member

    I use an air first and second fix nailer. bought both as used. Got Senco 701XL for fencing and stuff and Bostich for skirts and the like.
    Go for 16gauge nailer not 18 guage for second fix. Both cost nothing to run once bought and very little maintenance, just be aware the compressors are a bit noisy. If you split airline you can run both together if needed, use soft airline for last 3-4m nearest the gun as plastic stuff is hard wearing but very stiff in cold weather.
    Hope that helps
  9. ian anderson

    ian anderson New Member

    I have both an I still can't make my mind up!

    The Paslode IM350 performs great with virtually no set up but I find it noisy and hurts my little handies after all day use.

    The big DeWALT framer is kinda cool to use with much less recoil but I agree that the set up and air line 'management' IS an issue.

    I agree with 'busy' and 18 gauge is not 'man' enough for me either, I have the DeWALT 15 gage finish nailer which is great (light, easy to place etc)

    I think that whoever makes the first machine that will run nails from 38mm to 90mm will make very much money indeed........I know that when I first looked to 'invest' in a nailer I wanted one that would do it all and make the tea!

    So, I am an air man now, but still use the Paslode on smaller jobs, where the cost of nails/gas doesn't hurt so much........But on a big framing job, it's air all the way for me.
  10. two by one

    two by one New Member

    I have the Paslode 2nd fix. However if only used occasionally the gas goes out of date, and it needs servicing. Useful but temperamental...
  11. ian anderson

    ian anderson New Member

    Oh, does the gas ever go out of date enough not to work? I have never thought about that. But then I guess my gas probably never gets older than 3 or 4 months or so.

    I just love the phut! of the gas nailers, childish I know but hey, every little helps some days......

    Most days you can find me pottering about at flip over saw stuff, making stuff with dead trees.

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