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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by sarah martin, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. sarah martin

    sarah martin New Member

    hi all,
    I have just had a kitchen fitted-brilliant but for one thing & that is the breakfast bar - a 900mm one was ordered & the one that was supplied was 952-it was fitted but it meant that there was more "overhang" on each side & it just doesn,t look right - the one side goes slightly into the door frame & the other side has got a lot bigger overhang over the units than the rest of the kitchen units-all in all it is offending to the eye - I have asked if it can be taken off & cut down to size,i know it will mean losing the slightly rounded edges but I could live with that better than as it is now-because it is glued & bolted on to the next one I,m told this isn,t possible (it can-not be taken off without ruining it) the only way is a complete new set of surfaces - 2 plus a breakfast bar & start again - is this advice correct? please give me your views - thankyou
  2. A photo would help confirm, but it does sound to me as tho' it's the case.

    Trimming the back edge - the one eating into the door frame - wouldn't be a problem, although that whole edge would be left 'flat'.

    The other end has presumably been mitred into the unit worktop, so it cannot be moved back without leaving a gap where that join is - impossible to fill unless you have one of these faux solid marble types like Maia.

    BUT - surely there was a plan? Or discussion? Just how clear was all this made?

    For instance, if the plan shows a 900mm wide worktop that was meant to stop short of the door architrave (yuck - always looks poorly designed when they eat into existing trims), then someone should have made it very clear before proceeding what the options were.

    Are the units underneath the normal 580mm-ish depth? So how does this 952mm wide worktop sit on this - even overhang? 300mm overhand on one side (that's usual)?
  3. sarah martin

    sarah martin New Member

    thankyou D/A for coming to my aid again - I will take some pics tomorrow & put them on here you wil be able to see more clearly what I mean - a designer planned the kitchen & it shows a 900 B/B - as it has now appeared even a 900 was too wide but it would have looked better than what I am left with now - unfortunately I was in & out all day while the fitting was going on & must admit I let them get on with it - had I have been made aware before the fitting took place I would have had the one side cut down to the desired width-yes I would have lost one rounded edge but it would have fitted exactly as I wanted it to - thankyou again
  4. I don't want to jump to conclusions as we only have limited info on the situation on here at the mo', but if you 'were in and out all day', then surely they should have pulled you aside and said something?

    But, it could be - from their point of view - that the 'difference' is so small as to be assumed 'ok'?

    Tough one at the mo'.
  5. sarah martin

    sarah martin New Member

    pics - the overhang on the other side of the B/B is approx 4 & half inches as opposed to just under 1inch around the rest of the surfaces,as I said before had I been made aware before it was fitted I would have had the one side cut down therefore leaving the B/B going into the "frame" on the one side & an overhang the other side in keeping with the rest but a flat edge - hope you can see what I mean

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  6. Phil the Paver

    Phil the Paver Screwfix Select

    That a pity they have done that, it looks like they did a nice job of fitting it, but that overhang is silly, you must struggle to reach the cupboard handle.

    Buy the way same chopping board as me. :)
  7. sarah martin

    sarah martin New Member

    it looks lovely phil & the fitting is good - apart from the look of the b/b-to get to the cupboard I have to bend down & watch I don,t bang my head ! lol - perhaps I need a hard hat !!!
  8. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    I though breakfast bars were supposed to have large overhangs! To help you sit there without banging knees so much!

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
  9. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    I'm not sure if the worktop join by the sink is a good idea
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  10. Jitender

    Jitender Screwfix Select

    Just noticed that the drainer cutout is where the join is? normally there is 3 toggle clamps routed out underneath the worktop to secure it. 4 is normally used on 900mm worktops.
  11. (No-one pointed out the worktop join that is disappearing under the sinktop?!)
  12. You wait for a comment - and three come along at once :D
  13. Sarah, could you take a photo looking at the whole end of the b/bar, so we can also see the unit below and how the top looks on both sides?

    As Mr Ha points out, it must be a wide base unit if there's only a few inches overlap in a 950mm wide worktop...
  14. sarah martin

    sarah martin New Member

    the overhang at the seated side is approx. 9ins & the other side is 4& half

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  15. sarah martin

    sarah martin New Member

    just looked at the pic & it LOOKS like the overhang is about the same on both sides but its the angle that I have taken the pic - the unit under is 600 deep & then there is a back board on it
  16. sarah martin

    sarah martin New Member

    lol - the problem isn,t the seated side (other than it goes onto the frame by approx. half inch) its the other side
  17. sarah martin

    sarah martin New Member

    yes there are 3 clamps underneath the worktop
  18. Hmmm, that is poor planning.

    With that layout of units, even if you had received the correct 900mm wide b/bar, I think you'd still have around a 2" overhang on the 'drawer' side of these units - that would look equally silly.

    Surely the 'sink run' of units should have been 100mm less than it is now, moving everything down to the left? It would also have given you the full overhang for the chairs. Perhaps that just wasn't possible due to a certain width required for the sink itself?

    But, it looks like poor planning to me, coupled with even poorer communication.

    If you paid decent money for this kitchen, I think you'd be right to be unhappy with it. I can understand their reluctance to put it right - it'll cost them one arm and at least one leg. But, tough.
  19. sarah martin

    sarah martin New Member

    thank you for your reply D/A - yes a 900 would still have been too wide but at least the one side would have looked o.k & a 2" overhang maybe wouldn,t have looked so bad-as it is I,ve got 2 silly sides! lol - the sink run was done this way to accommodate a 1 & half sink - so what to do now ! as the tops can,t come up again without starting again do you think it wold be possible to cut both sides down in situ ? not an ideal answer I know & I,d loose the "edge" but I think the result would be more acceptable than the one I have
  20. Hi Sarah.

    I can see the 1.5-bowl sink has its drainer over your washing machine, and I'm guessing that's the reason they've had to go that width with the units - to accommodate the 2 bowls. Ie - they couldn't move the whole thing 100mm to the left.

    What's to the left of the washing machine - another unit in-line, or a return run of units down the other wall? (If the latter, that'll limit your moves; if the former, then they are twits.)

    I don't think you have two silly sides, just one? Isn't the chair side ok?

    Can you trim down the drawer side of the b/bar top? Yes - they'd run a router (the machine that cut the corner joins) along that edge and then glue on a strip. It would then look just like the end of your b/bar - flat.

    Is that a better solution? Your call - but I think I'd say no. But it's purely a personal thing.

    Did the fitters explain this whole thing to you, or just leave you to 'discover' it?! If the latter, then they are not 'true' professionals. They clearly hoped they'd get away with it - I bet they were having a good discussion about how to handle the issue when you weren't there...

    Other solutions? How far out does the b/bar come - how many units are under it? (How many doors face you, and how wide are they?) I'm thinking you could keep the first unit - the one in the corner - where it is (stepped back 4") but bring the end one out until it's positioned where it 'should' be. At the back, where the chairs are, the panelling would need to stay where it is, and the end panel facing us would need to replaced with a 4" wider one.

    Ok, when you are standing at the sink area, you will notice this step-in and will still have to reach under for that corner door (is there a drawer above it?). But at least the end one would look right, and so would the rest of the kitchen from most other angles.

    Tbh, I can't see any other solution unless you go for a narrower - single-bowl - sinktop, and bring that whole sink run of units to the left 100mm.

    But - these guys should have discussed all these options with you beforehand.

    Another wee point; that worktop join that disappears under the sink top - that's the bowl side of the sink, so no way are there 3 bolts under there securing the two worktops together. I do hope they glued it well - ideally with biscuits - and made that top join as waterproof as can be done.

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