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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by renovationdoubter, Jun 14, 2018.

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    guys, I am doing an internal refurbishment and want to check if the costs given are ok. the builder hasn't given me a breakdown of the costs yet but thought I would get an argument ready ( just in case). I have all the structural design ready. Kitchen remains untouched

    • Removing an internal ( load bearing ) wall ( between kitchen and living room), and install a beam
    • Removing the lintel ( between the living room and dining) and install a beam
    • Removing the chimney breast and just retain the stack, and install the suitable beam.
    • making the wall and ceiling good
    • Remove and dispose radiators ( from ground floor)
    • install ufh ( retrofit) and engineered floor & new skirting boards ( new flooring) above it, just the ground floor
    • Removing wallpaper (woodchip) and plastering, ( the whole of the ground floor ( 53 sqm ) )
    • Electricals - install new spotlights ( around 25 of them in the ground floor )
    • Install new sockets ( say around 10) ground floor and first floor
    For all the above i have been quoted £20k. I am asking for a rough idea, and the ballpark ?

    any help appreciated, Thank you guys
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    Taking an average from location and the builder supplying materials and labour, and depending on the quality of finish then it sounds in the right area, yes. Could be classed as cheap in certain areas. Your builder doesn't have to break the costs down for you though, you asked for a quote for everything and that's what he gave you.
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  3. renovationdoubter

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    Thanks boss. The price of the beam are included in quote above. However when I split up the costs, :

    - 5 beams - £5000 including labour & beams
    - UFH - 2500 labour
    - Electrical - 1500 (sockets and new spotlights install)
    - flooring & skirting & plastering & painting - £3000

    My ballpark is just around £12000, say even £15k. I still find it a bit on the costly side
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    If you thought it was too dear why havnt you had 2 or 3 quotes so you've got something to compare against. I'd say all that sounds reasonable.
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    £20K sounds about right to me for a proper job if it includes VAT, maybe a little bit toppy if it doesn't depending where you are, but if you go downwards much you risk getting into cowboy country. If the job is good and the builder is recommended with references, you'll soon forget the couple £K you pay extra over a cheap job, but if you try and save every £K you'll remember the hassle of putting a bad job right for ever!

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