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    I am following the advice of KIAB and digging a trench.

    The under the stairs bit of my property houses the circuit unit and electrics for the house.

    Due to my neighbour having drainage that wasn't discharging properly and their land being slightly higher, whenever it rained, my under the stairs section was getting flooded.

    I was thinking of tanking under the stairs, however I was told creating a trench would have a better impact at stopping the rainwater flooding onto my property.

    The neighbour has altered their drainage set up, so I am now digging the trench.

    I was interested to know how deep people think the trench should be.

    The depth of the spade is 30cm, so I was thinking of going down by this amount.

    I have never dug a trench before, so any advice would be appreciated.

    Once the trench is dug, I was thinking of levelling the whole area with gravel. This would create a walkway at the side of the property.

    I have attached a video to make it clearer, with the neighbour's property on the left of the fence and mine on the right.

    Hopefully this will help stop the flooding issue going forward.

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    Ideally you should dig the trench so that it's bottom is below the lowest point that you don't want flooded.
    If your understair area is the lowest point you don't want flooded, then you need to dig you trench to be deeper than that. If it were mine, I'd dig it at least 10cm below that.
    The trench itself must be on a very slight slope (1cm drop for every meter) until it gets somewhere that is safe to disperse the water, e.g. the road, a stream, etc.
    Then you need to line the trench with some drainage cloth, that allows water through it but not the earth or fine clay, otherwise the trench will just fill up again and undo all your hard work.
    Then you should lay a perforated drainage pipe in the trench.
    Then you can fill in with gravel.
    Your area will be bone dry after that, so don't expect to grow anything there other than desert plants.

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