Neighbour's proposed Soil Stack - Urgent advice needed please

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Barn Builder, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. tgs

    tgs New Member

    If the neighbour has planning permission he needs to stick with that. If he alters his plans then he must have your permission. I think this comes under the local Parish planning committee rather than BCO hence my comments. I accept the point though.

    The situation with the Durgo is a bit tricky because different people interpret the rules differently. My guide to Building regs states that it is OK to have a house with just a Durgo. (I have owned such a house). The proviso is that the branch (shared by other houses) has to have an open vent to allow sewer gas to escape. So a row of houses can have Durgos but there needs to be one open vent placed so the common branch is adequately vented.

    Now some people take this to mean that a house can only have a Durgo if it already has an open vent. I do not accept this interpretation but I have heard it a lot. It may be that you BCO has this same interpretation. You might usefully suggest to your neighbour that there is the possibility of some horsetrading here.

    Also try going over to the Hepworth site. Hepworth do a dry trap (the Hep2O I think) which does away with the need to have an open stack. They also have an information sheet to show BCOs that it really does conform with Building regs. This might solve the problem for both of you.
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    All fair enough, tgs.

    BB, however, simply doesn't want the vent pipe over his boundary, or kitchen smells vented ditto.

    It isn't his problem how the neighb sorts it out or whether he breaks building regs - presumably the BCO can sort that out for himself.

    I don't think it's for BB to suggest alternatives to the neighb; he just has to say "this isn't acceptable" and if the neighb starts making 'I've got no alternatives..' type noises, BB can say "yep, you have - get on with it."

    Keep us posted, BB.

    If you don't reply in 2 days, should we phone the cops?
  3. tgs

    tgs New Member

    Agreed it isn't BBs problem but it is always better to at least try to keep good relations with your neighbours rather than get on yer high horse and lay down the law. If this means giving a few suggestions as to how to solve the problem then it costs nothing.

    As I said BCOs may have different views as to the interpretation of the regs. It is not their job to provide solutions though they are mostly helpful.

    I am just trying to provide an alternative to nose to nose confrontation.
  4. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member


    (I'm trying to keep good relations with my fellow frum users too ;))

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