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    Hi all
    Apologies if this type of question is not for this forum.. its just im struggling to get information
    Ive attached a map detailing a local supply network
    I need to have some idea where it would be possible to connect up to mains power supply
    On the map it is the building between where it says HOTEL above and MARKET PLACE BELOW there is an orange and blue line coming off mains to 1PH which would be ideal if I could use this as a connection, however I cant find out what LV Service Logical Connection means, does anyone know what this is? and if not in use could this be used as a new mains connection (The building is office at the moment but I want to change it to 2/3 studio flats
    Any advice very welcome.. or if you could point me in the right direction..
    Unfortunately I dont have time to make any applications

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    LV means low voltage (so under 1000V), Logical Connection means they are not sure, but is one up from assumed in that the junction box has probably been seen and a cable runs in the right direction, when they use assumed they have no idea!!

    Now whether it can take the load is another matter, the DNO (distribution network operator) are the only ones who can tell you this information, they will be able to do a survey and tell you if the equipment can take the load - it could be fine, then again it could be an old 40A paper insulated cable that has been stretched to 60A. Could be a good modern 100A + cable.

    Just a note of caution when you say you don't have time to make applications, you need to get planning permission, possible change of use, comply with building regulations for not only the obvious but fire proofing and exit ways - the electrical side should be pretty easy for a competant electrician but needs to be done correctly, the mains service needs correctly splitting to submain fuses and meters serving the CU's for each flat, a separate service and meter for communal areas etc.
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