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Discussion in 'Job Talk' started by AlvyChippy, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    Hello chaps,

    Kinda "sending the message across"... instead of a decent run of work on a listed building, as agreed min for a month (meant for up to beginning of new year) learned a hard lesson, just got home all fuming!

    Kept fobbing off all private jobs, refused to help out one small developer...really fancied this one.

    Started doing few bits, indeed job was underpowered and I refused to get anymore carpenters "under my umbrella" (not my problem sort of thing, foreman perfectly on my side on that one).
    Well, today had 3 monkeys on a job from some agency and got told to pack up, as they are cheaper (with agency fees), than me... I know, it'll end bad, especially with intricacies there, but that is what it is.
    Actual client (some financier- "project manager") behind costs saving.

    Should have known better,what is absolutely hit me on a head hard- rung few contacts- everything is on a stale, only offer for a job available is in London (no thanks).

    That is, after one more job like it, has fallen through at eleventh hour in August...

    (rant almost over) :mad:
  2. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    It will end in tears!

    Their standard of workmanship will poor compared to yours, then your ex-client will come crawling back all apologetic & grovelling, & expect you to pick up the pieces & sort out the mess.
    Been there, got the badge, & told client to go & **** him/herself.:eek:

    As you get older you spot the signs that a client is going to be a right bar steward!
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  3. tecnolugo

    tecnolugo New Member

    Relax and take note!
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  4. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    Oh yes! as Churchill insurance dog would say!
    I admit to have had that sort of weird feeling on a first day as I started last week.

    It is one of those jobs, that even knowing what you are doing, got to be very weary not to end up in a pickle, but then it'll be the client own-self to blame :) for one, on Fri, I already got in space heaters for the freshly screeded floor, that they wanted me to start laying bleeding oak "herring bone" on... :D :D :D

    and YES (in case they would ever dear to come back to me, the answer will be identical to yours :)

    Most annoyed with my own-self TBH, so "punching Famous G. stiffy" already :p
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  5. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    Cheers to you too! :)
  6. Isitreally

    Isitreally Well-Known Member

    Years ago I took on a 4 year contract only to be told 18 months in that they had cheaper people willing to do the work.

    I found out after a few weeks that the cheaper people took more than twice the time to do the same amount of work as we were doing and I was asked to go back, I told them to poke it up their backside as I had gone on to another contract doing the same work for more money. :):)
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  7. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    I highly doubt them blokes are any cheaper than one and a half ton p day (all inn and pricing is truly impossible there), thus would mean 20% cheaper than me, but the amount of trouble I can foresee already :eek:...
    best of luck to them all, just do not ever call me again
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  8. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Well-Known Member

    I feel for you AlvyCippy. Not been done over like you in well over 20 years, but it happend to me in the early 90's that's for sure. Got asked to quote for fitting 70 kitchens on a new build in Worcester. Got the job and was 11 kitchens in when one monday i pitched up to fit the 12th and there were 2 chippies there already fitting it. The site agent said they were cheaper and for me to leave the site. When the site was finished i got weeks of frantic calls from the same site agent to go back re-fit over 30 can guess my answer :D
    You can feel safe in the knowledge that if those agency chippies lay that oak floor on new screed, it will be lifting long before the job is finished :D
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  9. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    absolutely certain in a week they'll try to beg for me to go back...only if they are that stooopit ;)

    my bad!
    I've already explained everything and asked (got) heaters inn and it's less than 3" thickness, so... if they'll start midd this week, they might get away with it... only might, as it's not for the Chuckle Brothers to do herring bone anyway.
    I'd understand cheapness and possibility to get away on a simple new build, but ...
    as mad as I am- just can't stop laughing, going to change the ring tone for them both in to something more appropriate :D
    The rest (everything) is like it, IE changing rotten dorma structure in a listed building (re-using old window and shutters), when one single bad (straight) cut will ruin the hell in there... everything is like that! and main reason I wanted that sort of challenging job.:rolleyes:

    (thinking for the word to say in one)
    venting :( /fuming :mad: / laughing :D /preparing myself for sort of "troll response" :eek: , just feel as utter dongle.

    Over and out gents!

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