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Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by Kayls, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Kayls

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    [While googling for advice on “finished” projects, I found myself on this forum]. I’m hoping for some advice…

    I’ve just had a bathroom refurb completed where the initial finished product was perfect. Then the foreman realised he ordered the wrong shower screen and came back to fit the correct one.

    He has swopped out the shower screen, left a hole in my newly fitted tiles (correct screen is shorter), plus resealed clear silicone over the drill shavings on the white silicone round the bath. The invoice has also been sent for full and final payment.

    I was hoping for some advice as to how I go about dealing with the situation as I am not happy with the finished result, but don’t want to complain. However, I am paying for a new job and expect 100% results, not to be compensating them their mistakes. I also need some further work done over the coming months and have found it really hard to get tradesman who come with good references. Overall I have been happy with his team and the work carried out.

    I was going to respond to the invoice with 2 options:
    1. Re-seal side of bath and screen, full this hole with grout + offer discount on work (then I can choose to rectify later – if so, how much?)
    2. Replace that tile (will involve removing the shower screen and the newly fitted shower)

    Am I being unreasonable? What would be the best way to approach the situation in order to get the best result?

    Thanks ;o)

    Images should show here - [​IMG]
  2. Kayls

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    - with images...

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  3. Allsorts

    Allsorts Well-Known Member

    As you say, overall it looks like a neat job and ideally you'd want to use these guys again.

    I bet the fitter cursed every bit as much as you when he realised one hole was drilled incorrectly...

    First, the easy issue - that siliconing. It's pants, and I've no idea why he'd use clear stuff when the rest is white (and neat). Siliconing is easy these days - you use a Fugi or similar - so for them to redo this is an hours work and they should want to do this.

    As for the tile - groan. So much hassle from such a silly mistake. But, a mistake it is, and it was theirs. You can insist they replace that tile - no question. You'd be justified in withholding a significant amount (ie what it would cost another tiler to do this) if that's what you wanted.

    Nuts of them to leave it 'black', tho' - is that the wall plug still showing?! Best plan, I'd suggest, is a compromise; there are ways of filling and disguising this hole so that it's next to invisible - peeps do this to worktops all the time. It might be enough to use a grey silicone, but ideally it needs colour-matching and some 'finesse'.

    Your call as to what to ask for.

    What makes me less than sympathetic to these guys is that they seemingly haven't held their hands up and asked you what you'd like as a solution - they have just tried to ignore the issue? If so, that's bad...
  4. Kayls

    Kayls New Member

    Thanks Allsorts!

    You are right, they should want to fix this. Replacing the tile will probably end up causing more unnecessary damage therefore I will hold back on a couple of hundred and request they return as soon as they're available to tidy it up.

    [The hole was filled with clear silicone - in my opinion making it rather obvious to see].
  5. Allsorts

    Allsorts Well-Known Member

    I'd be gentle with them, at least to begin with - play on their better nature. Explain that you understand how gutted they must have felt at that simple error, and how you believe they'd want to sort it as best they can.

    Give them the chance to come up with alternative solutions; I don't think you can fairly just withhold a sum that pops in to your head. Try and arrive at an agreeable compromise.

    Keep in mind all the alternatives that are acceptable from your point of view, and then work towards one of them.
  6. Heat

    Heat Well-Known Member

    Personally I would also have used clear silicone on the shower screen, as the guy did, because it usually looks fine on chrome/silver shower doors.
    In fact clear silicone tends to be invisible if done right (minimum amount and none showing past the frame) and if screen has a tight joint to the tiles.
    But ask them to fix it all to your requirements.
  7. Aura noire

    Aura noire New Member

    I would make them replace the tile regardless of what damage it causes, that’s just something else they would need to sort out, especially to the tanking behind the tiles, it’s their mistake.

    You would need to hold back a much more significant sum to ensure they come back,
    They would walk away at a couple of hundred.
  8. Kayls

    Kayls New Member

    Thanks guys. Really difficult when you're putting a value on a service plus the added extra of meeting a customers "expectations". I have lived in rental properties where the landlords are totally okay with a shoddy job (as long as it functions, mentality). I've taken all advice, thanked them for the great work so far (this is job 2 of 3), and have left it open to him to suggest a solution.

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