New boiler, new flue for real?

Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by HaplessHomeowner, Apr 3, 2018.

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    Hi All,

    My Keston C36 combi is nearing the end of its life and I am now just hoping it will cling on long enough for me to finish saving for its replacement. However, I've just had BG in to do my annual safety check and they've told me I will also have to replace the flue when I replace the boiler. No specific reason given just something about regulations. My boiler is situated internally as I'm in a flat and, after new regs were enforced about 5 years ago, a flue was run from my flat and across an external corridor to the outside wall. All in, it's probably about 10m long. The engineer said they would probably need to rip out and replace the whole ceiling as well. Is this for real or is BG just being overzealous? I'm far from an expert but I don't understand why I would need to replace a nearly new flue if I can get a boiler that takes that flue size (which is presumably standard)? Thanks in advance for any information or advice!
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    Most gas engineers are acutely aware of safety and the need to complete an installation that is a good price and will serve the customer's needs for years to come. How this is achieved relies on the training or understanding that the engineer has of the installation and products to be fitted.

    British Gas in particular, have a corporate code to follow, they will not vary from the manufacturer's installation guidance or mix products. A new boiler installation includes the flue system, as this is an area where products of combustion could escape into the living space. In short, they are 'Jobsworth's'.
    You need a gas engineer who fully understands the systems and how they work, and is able to test and verify the suitability of your flue system with a new boiler, good luck!
    Many of the flues are similar sizes and use connectors that are similar, the main issue is getting an engineer to modify what is there to suit your new boiler. We are in a risk averse society, insurance may not cover such modifications and I fear many engineers will shy away from such adaptations.
    I suggest you try a number of other installers before ripping down the ceiling.
  3. teabreak

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    Keston boilers are rather oddball not mainstream they have an odd flue system which they market for difficult flue runs, (about the only good feature of the range) even mainstream boilers do not share flue sets between makers.
    I am afraid you will need to have a new flue set with the replacement boiler, to be honest I am not sure if current regs would allow use of an existing flue even if compatible.
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    Unless they have changed Keston flues used to be 2" plastic waste pipe with two seperate pipes one for gases out one for air in.
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    The flue def needs replacing.
  6. Boilerdoktor

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    The flue def needs replacing.

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