New DIYer attemping some loft space storage and re-insulating

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    Good afternoon all, new to the forum!

    We moved into our first house about a year ago (midterraced) and have been tinkering here and there with odd bits around the house.

    Now am planning to attempt to create a storage area in the loft, when I went up there to have a look at the space , well , it all looked pretty old and messy (nothing like online photos!) and probably also explains why my home is looses heat so quickly.

    Just so I take the right steps in re-insulating and creating abit of a storage area, I need to know where i can put some weight (loft boards etc.)

    I have added a couple pictures so I can better expain myself.

    It is a mid-terraced house.

    These images are of my loft , there are 3 sets of beams, 2 big ones, which i assume are the main support that go from left to right of the house, there are smaller beams running along the loft floor from the front to the back of the house underneath the existing insulation (roof of the top floor) and then a few floating ones attached to the roof.

    View of my loft

    View of my loft

    my question is, do i put the floor boards for the storage area on the smaller beams going from the front to the back of the house (using stilts as I plan to re-insulate, or do i have to fashion some sort of platform in between the 2 big beams?

    There is a brick missing between my loft and neighbours loft , theirs is way more clear than mines but it looks to be the same as what I have, minus the floating wooden beams attached to the roof, here is the image.

    Neighbour loft

    and I also found a tear on the black material in the room, that seems to be letting light in, but seems to be sealed.

    I dont intend to be going up there often , but I have about 80 to 90KG worth of things to store up there, any tips and ideas would be much apreciated.

    I do intend for this to be a DIY project , a local builder quoted me around £900 to create 2mx4m solid storage area and i found that abit steep (leicester)

    Any ideas from the more experienced would be great.

    Thank you all

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