New Drain Line into existing manhole

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by qamikazi123, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. Jitender

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    That's going to be so much easier and makes a lot of sense, wasn't too fond of your first plan:(, just have to take up more of that slab.

    The RW clay pip is running parallel to the building, so makes sense. If you trace it back can you locate the beginning point, i.e a RW down pipe.

    Just seeing where its easier to replace that section in plastic or having to 'T' into existing run.

    Would you need a rodding point or would the be happy with an access boss at the bottom of the stack?

    If former then you will essentially have to 'T' in twice.

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  2. stevie22

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    Shared pipe = water authority consent to alter. Amazed BC haven't flagged this.
  3. qamikazi123

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    The pipe being altered is not WA. It is a rainwater drain pipe that was installed over 25 years ago during an extension by previous owner and connects into the main sewer. All i am doing is T'ing into the roof water drain already there. Its a pvc pipe. WA pipes are the old clay ones. Not touching them

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