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    Please could the readers of this forum offer some much needed advice? I have been last minute lumbered with the ground work by the groundworker who has let me down. I have successfully completed the foundations.

    Bricklayers are now at dpc height.

    I need to do the drainage. For reference the drainage pipe around the sides is the sleeve for my water pipe as I am getting replaced due to the old one being lead.

    House is 1890s construction.
    I have installed a roddable gully at front for rainwater which is at 74cm below floor height. Where I have joined this to the vertical drop for the manhole is at around 92cm. The stretch is just over 5m.

    Exisisting manhole sewer is a whopping 1.8m down below floor level. Takes both foul and rain water.

    I need to install a downstairs toilet so my grandmother can come to join us.

    The toilet will be roughly where the pink bucket is.

    In accordance with building regs, where should my drainage connection go and how. It will need to drop around 80cm.

    I will put pea gravel down to bed the pipe after the connections have been made.

    Thanks so much for any help.

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