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Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by Darren Walsh, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Darren Walsh

    Darren Walsh New Member

    Im actually quite a fan of the cordless Erbauer stuff. I picked up a few bits and pieces as a temporary measure following the theft of all my makita stuff from my van a few years ago (burn in hell you theiving *!!). Still use them day in day out no problem.

    Anyhow i dropped my cordless jigsaw off a ladder and it smashed the blade holder on it so went online to source another.

    Noticed these new fangled EXT range as their new stuff. Does anyone know if the batteries are backwards compatible or not?

    Many thanks in advance

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  2. Isitreally

    Isitreally Well-Known Member

    I think B&Q still sell Erbauer brand.
  3. Darren Walsh

    Darren Walsh New Member

    They are showing the new stuff too, and screwfix just have sporadic clearance stuff left. I might have to dig out the receipt actuslly as it might still be under warranty, bought as a bare unit, will they refund or offer me a new version ?
  4. screwfix.peter

    screwfix.peter Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Darren

    The warranty would not cover you dropping your Jigsaw from a ladder, but if you call our Customer Service Team on 03330 112 112 with your order details they will be able to advise fully, if we can assist.

    Yes, you are right there is a new range of Erbauer Tools which have new batteries which use keep Cool battery technology actively manages temperature, keeping cells cool so they do not overheat for more power, longer run time and battery life. This new tech is not backwards compatible with the older range.

    However, these batteries are still available to order, here,|5

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  5. Darren Walsh

    Darren Walsh New Member

    Thanks Peter for your reply
  6. KIAB

    KIAB Well-Known Member

    I see the the new range now has brushless motors, & batteries are available in 2.0Ah, 4.0Ah and 5.0Ah capacity.

    Quite a transformation over the old Erbauer tools.
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  7. ramseyman

    ramseyman Active Member

    I hope the new range also uses better quality steel as one of my main issues was threads stripping when frequently using guard and depth of cut adjusters etc. Spoilt what were otherwise decent tools for the price.
  8. Theleman

    Theleman Active Member

    I have had Erbauer sander and heat gun for about 3-4 years, and they are still going strong.
    Added Erbauer small and large angle grinder kit from sf deal, and they are superb.
  9. Heat

    Heat Well-Known Member

    Lidl now also doing 20 volt brushless tools and supplying 5.0 ah batteries with the high demand tools (circular saw and angle grinder)
    5 year warranty as well on the tools!
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  10. BumbleMii

    BumbleMii New Member

    Just picked up the impact driver on the weekend, and it's not to bad, easily takes the wheels off my car, and for homegamer use it's almost perfect, and batteries are cheap, just hope it's supported for a reasonably long time, although would like a USB charger adaptor, and a proper impact wrench, and would also like to know if spares are easy to get hold off, as i'm definitely going to break the anvil, but at least the insides are reasonably okay for the price.

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