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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by supersparky, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    Not at all.
  2. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    does it mean

    youve actualy flipped coggy
  3. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    sorry coggy
    love you dearly ha ha

    meant kesh
  4. bodget&scarpers

    bodget&scarpers New Member

    yeah,tried 2 log on but said invalid feild or something, any ideas guys,or lovely ,slender ladies.
  5. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    It's been down a couple of times for upgrades & maintenance. You probably tried at the wrong time B&S
  6. Nailed

    Nailed New Member

    I don't seem to be able to log into the new forum any more.

    It says "username does not exist". I tried to register, but it said that the e-mail address was already assigned to a user.

    Have I been lost somewhere in the upgrade?


  7. Nailed

    Nailed New Member

    Ignore the above message, the username is case sensitive.
  8. bodget&scarpers

    bodget&scarpers New Member

    well me thinks im now bodgetandscarpers, and not bodget& scarpers as on eer?
  9. kesh

    kesh New Member

  10. bodget&scarpers

    bodget&scarpers New Member

    well got me password,but cant seem 2 log on ,says invalid!
    any ideas wot im doing wrong.
  11. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    type the name exactly as created B&S 'bodgetandscarpers'
    Names are case sensitive. If you allow cookies you should have no problem being logged in.
  12. Learner Turner

    Learner Turner New Member


    I tried to register on the new forum, typed in my Username (same as on this one)and email address. I got a message saying that my password would be emailed to me - but no email was forthcoming. I tried asking for a reminder to be sent but still nothing. Anyone got any ideas?
  13. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Hi Learner Turner
    I am a Mod on the new forum, i have sent a persoanal message to the admin about your problem.

    Hope to get it sorted soon mate, sorry about the problems

  14. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Learner Turner

    You need to put your e-mail address in again, you have put it in wrong mate.

    Hope that works
  15. Learner Turner

    Learner Turner New Member


    I definately put the right email address in as I selected it from a drop down list. I tried to re-enter it, but it won't let me use the same user name now as it says it is already registered to another user.

    Any ideas?

  16. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Hi again

    Ive been informed by the sites admin that your origional registration has been deleted so it can be reset. Please try again and it should work.
  17. ozbob

    ozbob New Member

    looks like plumface has some plum on his face lol
  18. bogof

    bogof New Member

    i'm in partial agreement with "plumface" why do you want to prevent d.i.yers from reading information ,after all we are all learning .my skills at painting and decorating are perfect compared to any so called professional , if of course you are worried that your thread will get taken over by ametuers ie wrong advice then as a site admin you have the power to delete or ammend postings , even though i may not respond to a question that i dont understand should i not have the right to view the posting albeit in the trade section to further my knowledge . sorry if i do offend people but, we all as individuals have a right to free speech and to prevent an ametuer from viewing is totally wrong in my opinion , mind you my opinion won't count because i'm a diy er lol ................
  19. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    You may think that freedom of speech is being curtailed but far from it. There are many posts on this forum where DIYers have been lambasted for daring to say they can do things themselves. The biggest topic is in the plumbing forum 'DIY disasters waiting to happen'. Gas should never be touched by anyone who isn't CORGI registered.
    On the other forum any DIYer can get a fairly quick reply to his/her enquiries & the Trade forums are left for discussions about trade related matters that are likely to have little meaning to those not qualified. The forum has much more freedom of expression than here. The most offensive words are filtered & replaced with words so everyone still knows what was meant. This is unlike here where the murderators edit at will making topics look rediculous. Why remove web addresses that can help people when those addresses are for items not stocked by Screwfix? It's the same with email addresses. Many have been posted but some are getting edited out. If that isn't stopping freedom of speech I don't know what is.
  20. bogof

    bogof New Member

    fair point dewy , its just that when we have closed areas ie "trade only " then as in most cases people get bored and the site closes down dies a death ....... it would make sence if everything was open nothing hidden as it just creates a members cyber pub , i thought we moved on from all secrecy i could go on but i wont .
    with regards to links to websites and e-mails etc i think screwfix is wrong by banning them especially when they dont stock or even consider stocking items that we all want and have to look further a field, just bought a firealarm panel 12 zone from tlc screwfix go upto 4 zone .also firetuf red order come to 375 quid but there you go .
    with regards to plumbing sections i would never touch gas as its regarded as danger in my eyes and have always employed corgi fitters for that , water i would and do touch , just a note though i did employ a corgi registered plumber to fit a combi and rads to re let house , he decomissioned the old tank and pipes , capped the water by bending the copper pipeover flatted it and run a small bead of solder this in turn caused a leak which wrecked a ceiling passive for the alarm at a cost of 30quid , 2 months after that the gas board had to be called out as there was a build up of gas in a understairs meter cupboard turned out the nut on the meter incoming pipe was loose this was a corgi approved installer what caused these problems so there is good and bad in all trades certificated or not. still wouldnt put me of employing a corgi again , just making a point. the new site you have hasnt put me off in anyway , just a few remarks made on screwfix run me up the wrong way and after all we are all learning . as for me i have a good paid job away from all this , but i still love reading the posts etc.

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