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  1. Peter Fulbrook

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    Hi all,

    I need to replace an old garage roof with potential asbestos sheets (approx 15-20 years old I'm told), and would appreciate some help and advice on choosing the best material to replace it. From what I've read, metal roofs create lots of condensation and fibreglass ones expand a lot and make a loud cracking noises and cause condensation too. It is a pitched roof with metal frame support. I've been quoted £1600 for fibreglass with 10 year guarantee and metal one with plastisol for £2800 with 10 year guarantee. (Includes removal of old roof)

    As i have no idea, i appreciate any help

  2. sospan

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    A lot comes down to aesthetics and personal preferences. You could go for a boarded roof with felt shingles which can last upto 20 years or you could go for something like Onduline corrugated sheets which are cheap and effective.

    Even within the metal roofs there is a variety from the plain sheets, plastisol, insulated sheets and also tile effect metal sheets. All with fibreglass will do a good job for you.

    However, the biggest element will be the removal of the current "asbestos" roofing. You will be looking at £500 for the removal of the roof by a specialist firm ( However, you are now in the really busy times for asbestos removal (school holidays) so it is unlikely you will find anyone reputable until mid September.
  3. Isitreally

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    If its only 15 to 20 years old, it won't contain any asbestos, asbestos was banned in the UK from the late 80s early 90s so pushing 30 years ago.
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    This is entirely true.

    Just been involved in a project where someone had been cutting and fixing asbestos sheet up until only a couple of years ago.

    He had a huge stash of "leftover" materials that he was gradually working through.

    It was everywhere.

    Chicken houses, lining doors, under floors etc etc.

    Cost a fortune to sort.

    I fortunately was in at the end for the kitchen so was well clear.

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